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Gentle Yoga and Meditation

by Susan Kramer

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The first half of the book details 30 sitting and standing poses that help the physical body maintain or regain motion balance and remain supple. They are adapted from standard yoga poses to be suitable for adults of all ages.

10 meditation techniques follow to give you a choice in various circumstances and include a meditation breathing technique, how to use a mala and mantra, sitting, walking and stress reduction meditations, and meditation for spiritual healing, developing intuition and memory skills. 12,753 words.


Yoga philosophy follows and includes a variety of virtues, any of which could be picked and used as a single practice. 108 pages in paperback and PDF ebook. The paperback and PDF versions are in large print.


Meditation and spirituality titles for kids and teens:


1: Yoga for All Kids

2: Meditation for All Kids

3: Meditation and Spiritual Stories for Kids

4: Meditation and Spirituality for Teens

5: Dance Meditation Handbook

6: Stress and Anger Management for All Ages

7: Anneke and Hans 30 Tales of Adventure and Virtue

Books and ebooks for adults:

1. God Speaks Through the Holy Spirit

2. Meditation Lessons for Teens and Adults

3. Dance Meditation Handbook

4. Conquering Codependency

5. Stress and Anger Management

6. Gentle Yoga and Meditation

7. Tantra Explored




Yoga Poses

Introduction to the Poses

Guidelines for the Poses

1. Curled Leaf

2. Straight Leaf

3. Flower

4. Cricket

5. Owl

6. Bird

7. Squirrel

8. Chipmunk

9. Rocker

10. Half Seal

11. Full Seal

12. Salutation Pose

13. Snake Pose

14. Turtle

15. Starfish

16. Cat Pose

17. Swaying Poplar

18. Strong Oak

19. Bending Willow

20. Grand Sequoia

21. Maple

22. Branching Holly

23. Noble Fir

24. Spreading Yew

25. Flying Eagle

26. Seagull

27. Pointing Heron

28. Standing Salutation

29. Gentle Lion

30. Deep Resting Pose


Meditation Introduction

1. Nadi Suddhi Meditation Breathing Technique

2. Basic Sitting Meditation

3. Meditation at Your Desk

4. Group Meditation

5. Mantra or Prayer Using a Mala or Rosary

6. Develop Intuition through Meditation

7. Stress Reduction Instant Meditation

8. Healing and Meditation

9. Walking Meditation

10. How Meditation Can Help Memory

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy

Virtues Introduction

1. Caring

2. Compassion

3. Conscientiousness

4. Constancy

5. Courtesy

6. Forgiveness

7. Friendship

8. Honesty

9. Kindness

10. Loyalty

11. Motivation

12. Perseverance

13. Respect

14. Responsibility

15. Self-sufficiency

16. Tolerance

17. Trustworthiness

18. Truthfulness

Illustrated with photos of all the poses.

Helen Wharton, BellaOnline editor, reviewed the ebook version and here are her comments included with permission:

"...your book is a beautiful gift that has come to me to read at a time when I need it most. I have been wanting to try yoga for many years, but can't bring myself to go to a class with strangers. And, I'm 57 and starting to experience problems with loss of balance. Just not as young and steady as I used to be. So THANK-YOU for the yoga instruction. The poses seem to be ones that I can do at home. But, I think the most beautiful part of your book is the meditation and virtues. Meditation is also something that I have been wanting to do, but again, just can't get motivated to add another thing to my list of things to do. Your book is the perfect example of "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Thank-you so much for asking me to read it, you have changed my life."

About the author - Susan Kramer is a graduate of Peabody Institute Dance of Johns Hopkins University and a classical yoga practitioner. She has been teaching meditation, yoga, dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965 and maintains a large educational web site.

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