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A Gift of Hope by Danielle Steel - Book Review

Susan Helene Kramer


A Gift of Hope - Helping the Homeless by Danielle Steel is a recount of her experiences during an eleven year period in San Francisco. This book is non-fiction, whereas so far she is mostly known to readers for her many fiction books.

Danielle Steel gives us a look into her personal life - a view of her compassionate nature in caring for others who are downtrodden. She spent these years acting on her charitable nature, inspired by a spiritual message she received while in church after her sonís passing.


Ms. Steel recounts how her mission developed as a grass roots effort spearheaded and financially funded by her for the entire eleven years. She organized a group to put together survival items and go out anonymously on the streets of San Francisco after dark about once a month.


Iím glad she told her story in the sequence it happened - I felt like I was there with her.


At the beginning, she gave each homeless person a down coat and sleeping bag, and as the years progressed she handed out large duffel bags with a coat, sleeping bag, food for three weeks, toiletries, warm socks, rubber sandals, thermal underwear, rain poncho, 2 ground covers, wool beanie, scarf and other small comforts to keep a person warm and dry on the streets in winter.

The book finishes with a recount of how other churches and organizations are feeding and sheltering the homeless. And, it is an appeal to those of us who are inspired by her efforts.


She recommends that we join an already established organization to help the homeless. Ms. Steel feels it is safer to work with a group than go out on the streets alone.

Letís all act to the best of our ability to relieve the suffering of others and through her example give a gift of hope.


Details: 144pages in hardcover; Delacorte Press Publisher (October 30, 2012); ISBN-10: 0345531361; ISBN-13: 978-0345531360


A Gift of Hope - Helping the Homeless by Danielle Steel at


Review by Susan Helene Kramer - I purchased this book with my own funds.

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