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Expressing Deep Down Goodness

Experience by Susan Kramer


Do we always think and act on what is really on our mind, or is there a big gap?


It saves energy and maintains peace to comfortably share deepest thoughts that are good; that will have useful and wholesome outcomes if acted upon.


None of us want to be caught short acting in bad, nasty, or harmful ways.


But where do bad actions originate? All actions first begin with thoughts, so that is our answer. If we clean up our intentions and thoughts, right actions will naturally manifest. This congruency of thinking good and acting good gets us through life most happily.


We know, deep within, that bad thoughts are not going to produce good results. So it is worth upgrading our deepest ideals from negative to positive.


We all want happiness, and the most happiness and peace result with good thoughts from our depths arising in good actions in the world.


We may think that we can hide nasty thoughts deep down where they’re hidden from others’ view, but we are given away by our body language such as avoiding face to face or eye contact, fidgeting, or avoiding contact altogether.


If our inner thoughts are not in line with our conscience, and we want a happier life, we can spend time and energy in getting them up to an acceptable standard for good sharing and acting.


Nurturing deep pure thoughts

Rejecting deep negative thinking

Allows true peace and happiness

To blossom in living.




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Expressing Deep Down Goodness; June 9, 2021 copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of Continental Divide by Stan Schaap


Page created June 9, 2021