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Dream with Grandmother Helen on May 1, 2021

Experience by Susan Kramer


My dear maternal grandmother, Helen Melocik Kaspar, lived from 1902 to 1995. I was born in 1946 so we had many years to interrelate.


When I was growing up, Grandmother Helen visited us down on the river on Sunday afternoons for a family dinner, going back and forth to Severna Park from her home in Baltimore. Then when I danced with the Baltimore Opera Company ballets at the Lyric Theater in Baltimore in the mid-60s I stayed overnight with her. I felt a close kinship.


Early this morning in a lucid dream I was walking across a large parking lot and approaching me was Grandmother Helen, smiling, wearing a puffy white winter coat. I speeded up my steps and embraced her in a big hug. I took a long look at her face and she appeared about 60 years old, which I was surprised at since I knew I was 74. But I was so happy to hold her close.


My next thought was to find an electric cart that seniors use while shopping, as I realized she was way past 100 years old by my quick calculations.


Then I woke up with this experience fresh in my mind and am recording it to remember the sweetness and lessons. One more proof our loved ones may be gone physically but we can still relate on other levels.


I know this is not the ultimate level of experience, my joyful meditations are beyond personality, but for a human relationship this surely felt uplifting and reassuring that we do live in other realities both before and after physical death.


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Dream with Grandmother Helen on May 1, 2021 copyright 2021 Susan Kramer; family photo


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