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Grape Jam Recipe

Susan Helene Kramer



6 cups fresh grapes or smaller amount

1 large apple

Granulated sugar

Jars for grape jam


The top photo shows ripe grapes from my back garden grape trellis. They are on a south-facing wall inside a garden with a 6 foot fence for wind protection.


Applesauce Preparation


Peel, core and slice a large apple. Cook in water until soft. Drain off water. Mash apple pieces. Add to grape juice before adding in sugar. The apple provides pectin to firm up the grape jelly.


Grape Jam Preparation


Wash grapes and pick out stems.


Place grapes in large pot, I use stainless steel because it won't stain. Add in one half cup water.


Bring to boil, stir with wooden spoon, and simmer till grapes are very soft.


Press grapes through strainer. Measure juice.


Pour grape juice in large stainless steel pot and stir in the amount of sugar as juice. For example if you have 4 cups juice, add in 3 cups granulated sugar. Add in mashed applesauce.


Bring the juice mixture to boil and cook while stirring with wooden spoon until a candy thermometer reads 104 C. or 220 F.


Turn off heat and let sit at least 15 minutes to cool down.


The photo in the middle shows consistency of cooled grape jam.


Pour jam into washed jars, and when thoroughly cool, screw on lids and store in the refrigerator.


Since you are making a smallish batch, you can store your jam in the refrigerator until eaten - I can't say how long because it will probably be eaten within a couple of months. I have never had my refrigerated jam go bad.


Preparation time from washing grapes until pouring jam into jars is about 1 hour.


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Sourdough Starter and Bread. The last photo shows French toast made with my sourdough bread and served with this batch of grape jam. I will admit that grape jam grew on me. When I was growing up we didn't raise grapes, so other preserves, such as cherry, took top billing. When we moved into our current house these grape vines were already producing, so I began experimenting with the grapes, and have grown to appreciate this slightly tart jam.


Recipe and photos by Susan Helene Kramer

Copyright 2012-2013 Susan Helene Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published by Creations in Consciousness
web site:

page created October 31, 2013