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Grief Prayers

By Susan Helene Kramer

Comfort Prayer for Strength in Loss

"Beloved Mother, Father, my All
In this grieving come to my soul.
Description: Description: Description: Description: photo credit of heron in snow Susan Kramer
Give me strength in my despair
To remember my loved one's in your care.

That in your boundless spiritual home
All will find that they are known.

And cherished in your radiant light
That never dims, is always bright.

With love and nurturing always
This comforting thought I hold today.

Beloved Mother, Father, my All
In this grieving soothe my soul.

And in the coming morning light
May my world again be bright."

Prayer and photo of heron in snow in North Holland by Susan Helene Kramer



Remembering Prayer

"Golden days come and gone

Cherished thoughts still linger on
Family, friends, those we love
Alive in memories.

Life will guide us, help us learn
Till we, our heavenly home return
But golden times will ever stay
Alive in memories.

From a little child we grew
Till we realized, till we knew
That those we love live ever on
Alive in memories.

The clock of time has no hold
When our hearts hold only gold
For kindness, caring truly stay
Alive in memories.

In looking back, the winding trail
Holds for each a precious tale
And when our sunset blazes bold
We'll live on, in memories."


Prayer and photo of grass and eucalyptus tree at Vedanta Temple, Santa Barbara, California, by Susan Helene Kramer

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Grief Prayers Copyright 2008-2016 Susan Kramer
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