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Border Gardens
Guerrilla Gardening
The Netherlands

story by Susan Kramer; photos by Stan Schaap


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Border gardens, guerrilla gardening

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Meditation Garden Design, Layout, Planting

1. Border Gardens July 2001
Border garden lining our front street in Amsterdam, Kraijenhoffstraat.
Note (windmill) "windmolen de Gooijer" at end of street on canal. I am in denim skirt busily planting ... At this date we found that in Amsterdam pavers against the wall could be removed for planting as long as 5 pavers of the sidewalk width were left. Each paver is 12 inches, (30cm) square. The first summer I worked my way toward the windmill from the corner nearest in the photo of the pink rose (in a tub), by turning up the pavers nearest the wall to use as border edging. 

2. Border gardens July 2001
More on me planting a new garden, turning the pavers on end and filling in with top soil and plants; also a view of my shopping cart that not only transports grocery but plants, etc. We live one story up. Each paver weighs 15 lbs.

Border gardens update

3. August 2007 - 6 years later

The border gardens now extend down the whole street that you see here. We petitioned the city of Amsterdam to replace my pavers with thick concrete borders which they did as you can barely see below, making the gardens a permanent addition to the street and beautifying the neighborhood.
Description: border garden update on the Krayenhoffstraat

4. August 2007 - 6 years later
Looking from the windmill end of street back down, heartwarming to see the border gardens were contagious. I feel like Johnny Appleseed.

Description: border garden update on the Krayenhoffstraat

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