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1. Hand Signing Letters of the Alphabet and series of articles
2. Kinesthetic Lesson Plans for Printing "b" and "d" in Hand Signs
3. Benefits of Everyone Learning Hand Signing
4. How I Learned to Sign the One-Hand Alphabet
5. Practice Saying "How Are You?" with Hand Signs
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How I Learned to Sign the One-Hand Alphabet

by Susan Kramer

Here is the method I used to learn to make the one hand alphabet letters on both hands.

First, I started making the shapes one letter at a time with my right hand, since I am right-handed, and added a letter on each go-around until I could do all the letters from memory several times. That took 20 minutes.

Then I began making the letters a-z with my left hand. I found that learning the skill on my right hand jumped over to my left hand in half the time it took to first master on my dominant hand.

Then I practiced words. Within 45 minutes I could use the letters in words at the rate of one letter per second, using either hand.

There is no distinction between upper and lower case letters.

To see photos of all the hand signs click here.

Here is my name in hand signs







Photos of all Alphabet Hand Signs

Benefits of Everyone Learning the One Hand Alphabet

How I Learned to Make the One Hand Alphabet


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