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Guided Healing Meditation, Laughter and Prayer

Susan Helene Kramer

1. Guided Healing Meditation, Laughter and Prayer
2. Meditation Can Help Us Be Healers


1. Guided Healing Meditation, Laughter and Prayer


Prayer to begin

With peace and love I walk today
Content to follow in Your ways.
Health and strength abide in me
One in hand and heart with Thee.

The energizing effects of meditation, laughter and prayer harmonize every aspect of our being - body, mind, heart, soul, spirit.
Vincent van Gogh, Country road in Provence by night, 12-15 May, 1890; photo credit Susan Helene Kramer
Following are these 3 holistic methods of healing ourselves, and by multiplication, our world-wide family.

Guided Meditation

Preparation: Recline in a chair, hands resting in your lap, or lie on your back in a deep relaxation pose - arms down and slightly away from your sides, legs slightly apart.
Close your eyes.

Begin even and regular breathing: breathe in 2 counts; breathe out 2 counts; breathe in 2 counts and continue this pattern throughout the meditation.

Now visualize yourself walking along a warm stretch of beach next to a peaceful tropical ocean. The sun is shining bright over the ocean halfway up toward the noon zenith. As you walk along, feel the warm squishy sand massaging the soles of your feet. Your arms are swinging at your sides - as your left foot steps forward, your right arm swings forward and vice versa.

You are walking into a mild wind that caresses your face, neck, torso and arms. Looking toward the horizon on the far stretch of beach you see a few friends calling you to join them.

You feel warmth in your body and happy anticipation in your thoughts. As you reach your friends, all embrace in a group hug, glad to feel the warmth and comfort of each other's love. You all sit in a large circle sharing stories, everyone taking turns, each feeling valued and loved. All one of the parts and part of the One.

Now, once again notice the regular patterns of your breathing, like waves lapping in and out at the shore. Come back to your everyday self, open your eyes, stretch out, refreshed, renewed.

You could record this guided meditation in your own voice for later listening while relaxing.


I have found when I laugh I let go of tension in my mind and body. Attitudes, preconceptions, plans for action or non-action, grudges, blame, everything dissipates during the period of laughing. In those moments of release all holds melt down into a large cauldron of harmony - much as raw ingredients dropped into a cooking pot and simmered become nourishing soup. Food for thought!

Healing Prayer

Lord, may all that I can be
Align with what is Thee.
May your love and light
Shine always in my life.

Article and photo by Susan Helene Kramer. Painting by Vincent van Gogh, Country road in Provence by night, 12-15 May, 1890, Kroeller-Mueller Museum, The Netherlands

2. Meditation Can Help Us Be Healers

We are all meant to be healers for one another, by maintaining positive attitudes and their subsequent productive thoughts and actions; by realigning our outer world with the atomic and unseen harmonious forces supporting us.
photo credit Susan Kramer
Active healers may be earning their livelihood with their gifts. Or, active healers may be donating their gifts in their spare time.

And whether as an active healer, or a silent healer, we all need to lead a balanced life to preserve and nurture the vehicle of our body-mind, while we still carry a body-mind, and that includes making time for positive personal growth through prayer, meditation, and being friendly and kind.

We do not even have to announce ourselves as healers when we live lovingly in this world, we are spontaneously transmitting healing energy. In our natural inborn harmony we are aligned with the ecstatic, intelligent force guiding and energizing every atom of existence, every atom making up every molecule, and combination of elements in the substance of our universe.

We come to earth to share our special gifts, and receive the special gifts of others. And by the intertwining of our lives, we all benefit and grow in harmony, opening wide for each other the doorways to knowledge of the One Self residing in all.

In deep meditation we draw fresh energy to and through us. The more we meditate with love in our hearts the brighter our beacons of healing energy shine forth: our light, our enlightenment gracing all.

Article and photo credit of dunes in North Holland at North Sea by Susan Helene Kramer

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