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14. Warm Up Exercises Outdoors in Cold Weather

Unless the weather is uncomfortably frigid or precipitation is falling I have taken my kids outdoors for active play. It is an opportunity to re-energize when feeling sluggish or spirits are down. I recommend that if you live in a location with short hours of daylight, like I do, that you go out in the brightest time of day for safety's sake.

If your child has learning disabilities that limit physical movement or awareness of temperature, be sure he is dressed appropriately for the temperature. You may need to help him get the proper clothing on so allow some extra time.

Once outdoors keep moving to help keep warm. I'd suggest some warm up exercises such as these:

Windmill stretch

Stand with legs apart and arms outstretched to side.

Lean forward to twist and touch toes with opposite hands - right had touches left foot and left hand touches right foot (or as close as possible considering wearing layers of clothes).

In between reaching forward stand up straight with arms out to side.

Repeat several times to get the circulation going.

Body twisting

Next, while standing and arms outstretched to sides, twist to right, come back to facing forward, then twist to left.

Look to direction of twist.

Move in a rhythmic pattern to right and left several times.

Jogging in place

Start out by marching in place and after 10 seconds start jogging in place.

Arms bend at elbows, a bit away from body, and move arms in a unit slightly forward and back from the shoulders in rhythm with the marching and jogging. Use opposition of arms and legs, which means when the right knee is raised the left arm is slightly forward, and when the left knee is up the right arm unit is then forward.

All warmed up - move into group games or if individual activity is preferred take off for a jog around the neighborhood, playground or park. Finish the exercise period with walking to cool down.

When the kids come back indoors help those who need assistance to remove the layers of warm clothes, and have a drink to replenish body perspiration lost in exercising.

In summary, outdoor exercise is fun any time of year for your kids of all abilities, but it is important to dress for the climate and do a warm up routine when first going out if the weather is cold.

Article by Susan Kramer

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