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17. Get the Lead Out - Lead Poisoning Dangers

Lead poisoning affects many children. In late 1991, the Secretary of the Dept. of Health and Human Services called lead the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.”

Research has shown that lead exposure affects practically all bodily systems and lead levels at or above 80 micrograms per deciliter of blood can cause convulsions, coma and be fatal. According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

Blood lead levels at 10 micrograms per deciliter can impair mental and physical development. Children are more vulnerable than adults, because it is more easily absorbed into a growing body.

A blood test can determine if a child has lead poisoning.

A big source of lead poisoning is old painted trim in houses, dating from before 1978 when lead paint was banned from the United States.

Old children’s furniture or toys could have been painted with lead-based paint, also.

To reduce the risk of lead poisoning the United States Government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has these recommendations:

“- Keep areas where children play as dust-free and clean as possible.
- Leave lead-based paint undisturbed if it is in good condition; do not sand or burn off paint that may contain lead.
- Do not remove lead paint yourself.
- Do not bring lead dust into the home.
- If your work or hobby involves lead, change clothes and use doormats before entering your home.
- Eat a balanced diet, rich in calcium and iron.”

For more in-depth reading on lead poisoning and lead paint abatement go to this web site:
Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction Program 

Article by Susan Kramer

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Get the Lead Out - Lead Poisoning Dangers


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