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7. Holistic Living Benefits All Kids

Even from a very young age kids can learn about holistic living from the examples around them; with family, friends, in community gatherings, in school.

Practicing social skills is useful in finding peace and harmony within, forming a foundation for becoming caring, useful adults. Even kids with disabilities can observe to the best of their abilities.

Being appreciative becomes a lifelong habit when begun early. From the example of adults around them, kids see that those who express appreciation seem happier and more confident in all their interactions with others and even in solving problems. And those examples spur youngsters on as models of how they wish to be when grown up.

If you have garden space grow some of your salad ingredients. It is easy to grow vegetables using pots on window sills or on the porch. Try a couple of kinds of lettuce, parsley, basil, cherry tomatoes in 6 inch diameter pots. This is healthy and rewarding because you get to eat the results of your efforts, and you are benefiting the environment with more green plants.

Holistic living, balanced living, inspires feeling happy and peaceful in the moment. In times of stress, taking time to remember one thing we do have, with appreciation, helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Daily life has moments of ups and downs; the sour down experiences more easily transformed with the sweetness of an appreciation or good deed. Just the thought of being kind is enough to lift one into a positive mood.

Ways to grow holistically

1. Eat a balanced diet and try growing some salad ingredients.
2. Exercise regularly within your physical abilities.
3. Take time to be kind.
4. Follow your interests, because we do best what we're interested in.
5. Be an example of peace and harmony for others.
6. Help younger kids when you see a need or they have a problem.
7. Use and reuse what you have; recycle as much as possible, which is practically everything.
8. Swap books and toys with other kids so you both get to enjoy more without cost.

In summary, to grow holistically means that is every aspect of life you try your best; use and reuse; recycle; practice kindness; take good care of your body with a healthy diet, restful sleep, and exercise; help those younger; help seniors if possible. 

Article by Susan Kramer

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