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Human Nature

Susan Helene Kramer

1. Holy and Whole
Our Loving Nature
Psychic or Spiritual Healing?

4.  Is Fear our Foe?
5. The Timeline of Healing
6. It Takes Courage to be Healed
7. Letting Go to the Healing Process


1. Holy and Whole

Our human nature encompasses every aspect of our natural selves. Nothing excluded. Those attributes we may feel are not worthy of our humanness can be refined till we feel balanced and whole in our innate holiness.

Wholeness is holiness. For in wholeness or holiness we manifest all that is, as cloned from our Creator-Sustainer.

Our beloved Creator-Sustainer
Providing the model
For modeling our lives
Into alignment
With our Source, once again

In this natural world we encounter a parallel world of opposites. And, by our free will we carry our attitudes, carry thoughts, and create things and situations that we think will give us happiness now and later.

We choose.

Choices made for positive and good create peace of mind and harmony now, right this moment, and set the ball rolling along a positive track in the future.

Attitudes, thoughts, actions reap like results.

When we are in harmony with people and the environment we feel complete and whole. We feel fulfilled—at ease in our body and peaceful. This is our natural wholeness and holiness.

What is of Spirit is for everyday living. What else matters? If we had an esoteric thought that could not be applied to making everyday an experience of joy, why partake of it?

The esoteric qualities are present
for our use in bonding back
to completeness—holiness—wholeness

The esoteric qualities that I find useful in daily living are unconditional love, goodness, kindness, charity, purity. These qualities uplift my consciousness when I am feeling out of sorts. When I am feeling down or negative. And they are simply attitude adjustments.

To encourage myself in keeping holy, whole, I take good care of my body. I get enough sleep, eat what agrees with me, exercise daily, and pray daily. Keeping to a routine that allows time for this self-nurturing. And with each person during the day I give my attention and wholeness. Whether friend, acquaintance, or someone new. In viewing and interacting from my best self I feel like I am caring just as I would wish to be cared about. And I feel peace and contentment in giving of my most holy and whole self.

Loving and caring for another wholeheartedly uses my energy optimally. And it does not use up my energy. Rather, more energy recharges my body during my acts of caring. Could this be how Mother Therese was able to care for so many? I think by giving of her wholeness and holiness, she allowed for a continuing flow of energized love to course through her tiny frame, her tiny but tremendously productive body.

Spirit recharges us with more and more energy when we switch on positive attitudes, thoughts, actions.

Holy and Whole
Abundant energy arising
Recharging our body
from attitudes of love
kindness, caring
Daily living all that it can be
All that it is meant to be
as kindred souls in God

2. Our Loving Nature

We are our most human Self
when we love
When we love fully, completely
under all circumstances
in any circumstance
In an uncomfortable situation
by turning our thoughts to caring love
we change our role in the moment
we change the scene of the moment
It is in loving unconditionally
that we align with the ever-flowing constant
Source of all energy
And in loving alignment
realignment of that moment
a surge of warmth sweeps away debris
Debris of negative thinking
clouding, hiding
an equitable resolve
Love conquers all
Loving energy a rushing river
unstoppable by man
Overpowering brambles of negative thinking
Love is of God, love is God
Manifesting in harmony, vibrancy
as we align, join the river of love's flow
by being good, doing good
aligning for the most useful good
of each moment
'Flow on in my life River of Love
Flow on in my life
Carrying me along your swift current
Washing away debris, energizing me
Clearing my thoughts
That I may clearly see
My Loving Nature'

3. Psychic or Spiritual Healing?

Psychic or spiritual healing are one in the same in actuality.

Since both manifest from the realm of spirit how could there be a difference, division, between them.

What is different is only the terminology psychic and spiritual.

Creation manifests and is sustained through the unseen but present energy of spirit. When we turn on a light, electricity empowers the bulb to light. When we turn on, tune in to the energy of spirit we light up—lighten up—enlighten ourselves with the ever-present universal energy sustaining every atom of existence.

The healer, whether called psychic or spiritual is but allowing a clear pathway of heightened energy through themselves to be focused on the one needing the extra charge, much as we use booster cables to restart a car's battery.

Again, booster cables connect the source of energy with what needs the extra jolt of energy. And the 'psychic' or 'spiritual' healer has developed an open channel through themselves allowing a measure of energy from our Source to flow to that which needs a boost.

We serve as healers for one another by loving unconditionally through caring attitudes, thoughts and actions. And in particular need through focused attention and intention.

For some instruction in becoming a radiant channel of love, able to heal others and our planet, read through my online book "Radiant Yoga for Teens and Adults."

4. Is Fear our Foe?

Fear can be a friend or foe, depending...

The fear of getting hit by a car makes us stop, look, and listen before crossing the street. This kind of fear preserves our body.

But the fear of living as fully as we really want to because we might fail is debilitating.

It is a turn of attitude and outlook to rather see that each effort we make, even if fearfully, is a stepping stone toward a larger goal. And this stepping stone, itself, is just as necessary and important in this moment as the goal will be when we reach it.

This attitude of acceptance, in the moment, assures that each moment remains peaceful and easeful.  In retaining our natural peace the pervading energy enlivens us most fully. And when we feel enlivened, with heightened energy, the answers we have been looking for come forward in our mind more readily.  The snowball effect.

Fear our friend when a protection from danger
mentally, emotionally, physically
Fear our foe when it holds us back from the
heightened flow of energy that enlivens us
as we enthusiastically go forward, no matter

5. The Timeline of Healing

So, who is the one healed and who is the Healer?

As we close in on Reality, we see that the Healer and healed are one. That our thoughts of love for others heal us during the very process of caring.

This self-healing by the Self of All happens when we are energized by joy. Joy felt in meditation. Joy felt in loving unconditionally. Joy felt in each moment of personal radiance.

Healing is usually an ongoing process over what we experience as a time line. And with each of us the time line is longer or shorter according to what we pack into each moment. According to the degree of love in attitude, thought, and action that we pack into each moment.

When we love all
with the same unconditional love we feel for ourselves
we are healed

It is only when burrs of judgement or self-centeredness are stuck to our personality that we are not fully healed. Pick off the burrs and our innate Healer shines pours forth through every pore of our being. Impediments dissolving away.

Healing occurs
when we love with full vibrancy
Purging away remaining traces
to experiencing Oneness with the Healer
Oneness with our Creator-Sustainer-Healer

6. It Takes Courage to be Healed

Desire and decision are necessary to institute healing.

Healing is returning to harmony. And as our body-mind is fully integrated with mind directing the grosser form of body, it takes a firm mental decision to return natural harmony to the body. It is the all-knowing intelligence within every atom that directs the action of the atom to form into molecules, into larger combinations of bodily systems.

A firm mental decision for a return to harmony, a healing, cannot help but be effective when the mental director gives the order to restore order.

I think we fall into disharmony mentally, and then physically, when we forget that it is in leading a harmonious life on all levels—emotionally, mentally, physically—that allows the most happiness to flow through our lives.

Our lives
Actions of our choice
Actions springing from attitude and thought

Some aspects of living that clear our mind-body channel, preparing us to make the harmonious decision to heal:

1. Holding positive attitudes.
2. Living a congruent life. That means acting on what we say and accurately describing our actions. Congruency opens the pathway between body and mind most consciously, most easily.
3. Prayer—the combination of supplication, meditation, appreciation, application.
4. Being kind.
5. Aerobic activity combined with postures or stretches.
6. A diet as close to nature as possible; leaving out harmful substances.
7. Living consciously—living for the best resolve of each new moment.


We are One in totality.

When all our aspects—emotional, mental, physical—realign in cooperation for the highest good of each moment, harmony is in effect and healing occurs.

Mental to physical
Desire to decision to action
Choices for the best
bringing about the best

7. Letting Go to the Healing Process

When riding down the road, the straighter the route, the quicker we reach our destination.

It is the same in the healing process.

When we set distractions in front of us that keep us from moving directly to our goal, it will take longerto be healed.

The choice for the direct route, or the circuitous route to healing is ours.

Healing will occur as a part of our evolution, anyway. The benefit of taking a direct route rather than set delay tactics in front of us is that we get to be in natural joy sooner.

We can always put excuses in our pathway to healing, but if we are going to go for the gold anyway, why not let go of barriers and distractions right now?

Remember that essentially we are pure joy at our core.

Letting go to begin and stay with the healing process is a decision of setting aside non-productive choices we are making now, or have made in the past. Replacing the non-productive with productive and conducive habits to regaining, maintaining health.

            Letting go to the process of healing
            Ongoing every moment of every day
             Till basking in our innate joy
             The joy of our birthright and destiny as humans
               Healing is regaining wholeness
              And, holiness lies in our wholeness


Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

Susan Helene Kramer is an international author of more than 50 books and thousands of articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, social issues, yoga and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap- lives in The Netherlands.

text and artwork copyright 1999-2014 Susan Helene Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Artwork from 'Leaves of Finlandie…' copyright 1996-2014 Susan Helene Kramer

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