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A Surprise During Initiation

With Gayatri Mantra

Susan Helene Kramer

nonfiction story


December 22, 1982 was my initiation into worldwide spiritual service to humanity for now and ever more. That means that here on earth and in the dimensions beyond, I am dedicated to helping others reach their full soul potential on their path home to God realization – to God.

During my spiritual initiation ceremony I was sitting on the ridge of the mountains behind Santa Barbara, California, with a warm wind enveloping me in the scent of sagebrush. It was like being in a heavenly cathedral: a mountain top that was sunny and warm, conducive to elated feelings of being transported to the highest point of the Self.

For my dedication ceremony I sat in meditation pose and said: ”I vow spiritual service to humanity now and forever more,” and I was given the Sanskrit Gayatri mantra to repeat 108 times on my mala.

Gayatri Mantra:

Om bhur bhuvah svah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah pracodayat.

Gayatri Mantra on YouTube:

It is the sound of the mantra that has the desired effect of initiation into the Divine Light, therefore, a translation into English or another language does not have the same effect.

In this holy mood a rush of energy whipped across my torso; infused me with the strength of will needed to serve.

30 years later I am still fortified.

In this photo from 2010 I am using my mala while saying the mantra. The YouTube video will give you an example of the Sanskrit pronunciation.

More than quiet service

Before my initiation I thought I would be in quiet service, leading a life of prayer while performing family or work chores.

That was not the outcome at all.

I went from having an introverted attitude to an opposite extroverted outlook in thought, word and deed. I began stepping up to daily writings that had just started to flow through me 3 months earlier and 30 years later continue right along.

I was transformed by the Spirit of God and I cannot imagine being any other way. I can’t tell you how the transformation took place so thoroughly in my mind, body, heart and soul, but it did.

Could it have been my willingness to love unconditionally that drew me into service? 

And because I am the first to feel energized when used by the Holy Spirit, I would never want to walk in a lesser direction and fall off the mountain into a pit of briars – the way I see falling away from God.

I have found that when we are willing to give our best from a pure heart with right intentions we receive the best in return: peace of mind and a harmonious life.

Goodness flows through our thoughts, words and actions when the Spirit of God enters our life.

A Surprise During Initiation with Gayatri Mantra
Copyright © 2011-2013 Susan Helene Kramer | Outdoor photo credit Susan Helene Kramer; mountain ridge behind Santa Barbara, California, overlooking Pacific Ocean and Santa Cruz Island  | Photo credit of Susan using mala by Stan Schaap.


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