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Excerpt from: Spirit Tantra and Love

The Intelligence of Spirit


By Susan Helene Kramer



In every moment of our existence we live by the energy and intelligence of Spirit.


Every atom formed into molecules, on and on, up through the more complex systems, working together harmoniously to create our functioning body.


Would it not be a peaceful and productive world
If on the grander scale
We could learn from observing our own bodily
Assemblage of parts
Working together for the common good
That peace and harmony within even one of us
Is an irreplaceable link
In forming the harmony of all of us.
Harmony within every person
Within every family
Within every country
All together
A harmonious world.


Living in the Spirit, here and now, is becoming conscious that since every moment of our existence is powered on the intelligence and energy of Spirit, we will have the most harmony in our lives, from living harmonious lives.

In this moment, at this moment
We are filled with the energy of Spirit
In this moment, at this moment
We have the power
To create a joyful existence for ourselves
A joyful existence in the fruit of personal harmony.
In this moment, in the here and now
Is our time to live in spiritual awareness
Spiritual awareness empowering us
With the energy to go for the good
By being good and doing good
In this moment, at this moment.
In the here and now
Is our time to enjoy Spirit's gifts and blessings
By acting for the best resolve of each situation
Coming about moment to moment
In our daily lives.
By reflecting and meditating on the choices presenting
Then acting on that which nurtures harmlessness
We find ourselves
Joyfully living in alignment with Spirit
Here and now.

The Intelligence of Spirit and photo of blooming golden rain tree copyright 2015 Susan Helene Kramer

Excerpt from: Spirit Tantra and Love


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