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Virtues for all Kids - Table of Contents

1. Teaching Kids About Forgiveness
2. Teaching Kids to Accept Delayed Satisfaction
3. Teaching Kids that Being Kind to Others Feels Good
4. Teaching Kids How to Listen to Their Conscience
5. Teaching Kids How to Practice Being Nice
6. Teaching Kids Good Character Skills
7. Teaching Kids How to Be Helpful
Yoga for all Kids ebook / book with more than 15 additional virtues - social skills

Teaching Kids that Being Kind to Others Feels Good

by Susan Kramer

Being kind leaves our mind peaceful and our body relaxed, but feeling energized. Being kind feels good to us. By acting kindly, we remain energized and free of tension; avoiding self-induced stress in both our mind and body. A smile uses less energy and fewer muscles, than does a frown.

Kindness is an important social skill to teach our kids with learning disabilities, because they are likely to have need of many helpers in the academic classroom who will be more comfortable in a harmonious environment.

Benefits of being kind:
1. Our mind stays tension-free;
2. Our body stays relaxed, but energized;
3. With reduced stress, our mental and bodily health stays at its optimum as long as possible;
4. Our body stays energized longer because the mental attitude of kindness opens our mind and bodily pathways to perceiving the flow of our internal joyful energy;
5. By our being kind, we infect others with the energy of kindness;
6. Our self-esteem improves because kindness with others allows us to look more kindly at ourselves, too.

It takes less energy to be kind, rather than be nasty, because harmony and happiness are our natural state of being and easiest to be in. Harmony and kindness feel restful. While nastiness takes a lot of strong energy to bring forth, an example being the energy as when we feel anger with tensed muscles and an upset mind. Think about it. Isn't it just better for our health to be kind and relinquish all the tenseness that goes with unkindness.

If you are tempted to say unkind words, just close your mouth. Remember that the bird that flies out the door of the cage cannot go back again. Once our unkind words are out it takes a lot of fixing to make amends. My best tip is it is better to be kind or be quiet.

Kind in mind
Body feeling fine
Fine and fully alive.

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Yoga for all Kids, Preschoolers to Teens
Yoga for all Kids, Preschoolers to Teens by Susan Kramer

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