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Kinesthetic Math Lessons for Primary Level Students to Age 9 by Susan Kramer


1. ABA Sequencing Lessons for Primary Level
2. Addition and Subtraction Lesson
3. Clapping Patterns and Sets Lesson
4. Counting and Sets Lesson
Geometric Shapes Lesson
6. Learning to Tell Time
7. More Addition Lesson
8. Kinesthetically Dividing 20 into Sets of 4
Kinesthetically Dividing 20 into Sets of 5
10. Kinesthetically Dividing 15 into 5 Sets of 3
11. Kinesthetic Math Lesson in Sets of 4
12. Learning Math through Nature on a Spring Walk
13. Kinesthetic Math Lesson while Making Jam or Jelly

13. Kinesthetic Math Lesson while Making Jam or Jelly

This is a hands on project in the kitchen using the math skills of counting and measuring quantities, that school age children of varying abilities can have a hand in - from picking the grapes to measuring sugar. Giving kids the opportunity to participate in a successful practical project using math skills also nourishes self esteem. I do recommend the adult handle the cooking and hot items, though.

grapes for jelly or jam

Kinesthetic math games with the grapes - before cooking:
1. Count the grapes in a bunch. 2. Count up to 5 or 10 grapes, arrange in sets and multiply the sets. 3. Estimate the number of grapes in the bunch, then count to find the number. 4. Make piles with equal numbers of grapes and point out the extras are called remainders in math. 5. Take a pile and remove one or more and set to the side to show the concept of subtraction.

Ingredients to make grape jelly
4 cups grape juice made from fresh ripe grapes
4 cups granulated sugar
1 cup applesauce sweetened with an equal part sugar (the apples provide the needed pectin to gel the jelly).
4 12-ounce jelly jars with rubber rings and lids that are submerged and simmered in water at least 5 minutes.

cooking jam

Wash grapes and remove stems. Smash with potato masher in large saucepan. Bring to boil and cook till soft about 5 minutes. Strain through sieve as in photo below, and reserve juice and discard pulp and seeds.

Heat juice to boiling and add sugar and sweetened applesauce. Simmer just above boiling for 40 minutes while gently stirring - skim off any foam.

Strain through sieve again to remove chunks of apple sauce.

Ladle into jelly jars; leave one quarter inch air space at top. Screw on lids and invert jars at least an hour. Then turn jars upright. Seals should pop within a few hours - the center of the lid depresses.

If any lids do not seal either refrigerate and use those jars first, or reheat mixture to boiling and ladle into new simmered jars with new lids. Do not disturb jars for 24 hours to allow the jelly to set properly.

Jelly should stand on its own if turned out of the jar.


Note - if you have more than 4 cups juice, make multiple batches rather than one large batch.

Article by Susan Kramer

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