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Kundalini Practice

Kundalini energy that sustains efforts of our free will; aroused for use by holding positive attitudes; used when loving thoughts take form as caring actions. The free-flowing energy sustaining and maintaining every cell and self in creation; the Self in creation.

Meditation arouses kundalini, because when we sit still our automatic bodily functions find a minimal rhythm, and our mind is energized more fully to dwell on loving thoughts.

Loving thoughts, in turn, generate even more energy.

An important point is that positive attitudes and their subsequent positive thoughts naturally draw in an increase of kundalini which provides joyful energy for their offspring of caring actions.

To increase the flow of energy upward and around the body try a yoga position as in the photo. The vertical line shows the center of balance. Hold for as long as comfortable and gently release by bringing arms outward, down to sides while coming out of bent knee position.

This pose is from my book Gentle Yoga and Meditation listed below.

Kundalini develops our capacity to love by giving us more energy for caring actions. And, it is in the process of our caring and kind actions that we come to align with and know God more fully.

Our experience of life multiplies in joy the more we are kind and caring. As a snowball expands in breadth by rolling along, we expand in our capacity to hold and experience joy by rolling harmoniously along through life being kind and caring.


Preparation: Sit on floor on a cushion with legs crossed, or sit on a chair, spine straight, head erect, eyes closed, hands folded in lap.

Breathe evenly in and out like this:
breathe in counts 1,2
breathe out counts 3,4
breathe in counts 1,2
breathe out counts 3,4

Continue this pattern for at least a minute to begin; do not use any breath retention.

While breathing evenly in and out think lovingly about at least one person. Loving thoughts balance and harmonize body-mind, allowing the most kundalini to flow to us from the unseen Source by the unseen Force.

Kundalini aroused by loving thoughts and the body energized from the stillness of meditation is available to be used when active again.


"May I harmonize my life with the kundalini
Free-flowing energy readily available
From our Source-Resource.

Initiated and awakened more fully
In body-mind stillness
Of loving meditation.

Joyful energy multiplied over and over
By loving attitudes, thoughts
And their offspring of caring actions."

Kundalini Practice and photo of yoga pose copyright Susan Helene Kramer


Gentle Yoga and Meditation - book or ebook for adults



Meditation Lessons for Teens and Adults book or ebook

Copyright 2002-2016 Susan Helene Kramer