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Kinesthetic Language Lessons for Kids - Table of Contents

1. Forming Shapes for Alphabet Letters
2. Using Hand Signs to Learn to Print "b"and "d" - this lesson is also in the Hand Signing series
3. Two Lessons to Learn About Syllables
4. Concentration Lesson - Which Way Game
5. Kinesthetic Help Reading and Writing Left to Right
6. Kinesthetic Lesson on Sentence Diagramming
7. Punctuation Lessons
8. Learn Spelling by Keyboarding
9. Indirect and Direct Objects Kinesthetic Lesson
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons ebook or paperback

Forming Shapes for Alphabet Letters for Kids

by Susan Kramer

This lesson lets the child practice doing the shapes alphabet letters are formed from - straight lines, curves and circles - with their arms and bodies, while sitting or standing.

Age: 4+

1. Teacher and students sit or stand and stretch up straight with arms overhead to make body as a straight line.

When stretched up straight bend body and arms to one side to form body into a curved shape:
bending shapes 

Hold arms overhead and rounded with hands touching for a circle shape:

 circle shape

2. When teaching the alphabet letters on paper, demonstrate in the above way the shapes in that letter and have the students mimic.

Add in the shapes not shown in the illustrations; for example for the capital letter A make a tent shape overhead by stretching arms and hands up and bringing fingers to touch in the center overhead. Then bring arms down to side and if facing the students use right arm to make the horizontal bar at chest level. (As the capital A bar is drawn left to right, using the right arm to make the bar shows the starting point.)

many kinesthetic math and language lessons in this ebook / book:

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Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons by Susan Kramer

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