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Kinesthetic Language Lessons for Kids - Table of Contents

1. Forming Shapes for Alphabet Letters
2. Using Hand Signs to Learn to Print "b"and "d" - this lesson is also in the Hand Signing series
3. Two Lessons to Learn About Syllables
4. Concentration Lesson - Which Way Game
5. Kinesthetic Help Reading and Writing Left to Right
6. Kinesthetic Lesson on Sentence Diagramming
7. Punctuation Lessons
8. Learn Spelling by Keyboarding
9. Indirect and Direct Objects Kinesthetic Lesson
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons ebook or paperback

Kinesthetic Lesson Plans for Printing "b" and "d" with Hand Signs

by Susan Kramer

Here are two lessons to help remember which direction the circle in b and d face.

Lesson 1.

b - For the b in bus, with a pencil on paper stroke down and circle forward like a bus going to school.

d For the d in dump, with a pencil on paper stroke down and circle backward like a dump truck unloading sand.

Lesson 2.

To give b and d more of a separate identity, make the hand sign for each letter before printing it. For more hand signs click here.

b hand sign

d hand sign

large photos of all the alphabet letters are in this ebook / book:

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Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons by Susan Kramer

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