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Kinesthetic Language Lessons for Kids - Table of Contents

1. Forming Shapes for Alphabet Letters
2. Using Hand Signs to Learn to Print "b"and "d" - this lesson is also in the Hand Signing series
3. Two Lessons to Learn About Syllables
4. Concentration Lesson - Which Way Game
5. Kinesthetic Help Reading and Writing Left to Right
6. Kinesthetic Lesson on Sentence Diagramming
7. Punctuation Lessons
8. Learn Spelling by Keyboarding
9. Indirect and Direct Objects Kinesthetic Lesson
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons ebook or paperback

Kinesthetic Lessons on Punctuation

by Susan Kramer

These kinesthetic punctuation exercises are for practice in the classroom. The teacher first demonstrates the sequence. Students can do them individually or in a group.

Comma and Period

March 3 counts, and pause in place for 1 count (comma pause), march 3 more times and stop for 2 counts (period stop or full stop). Turn in opposite direction at end of (period stop) and repeat sequence.

Exclamation Point

March 6 counts and stop in place. At stop jump up and down once. Repeat sequence.

Question Mark

March 6 counts swinging arms in opposition and stop in place. At stop begin with arms hung down in front of body, raise arms in front of body overhead hands touching and open arms out to sides in a half circle; right arm to right side, left arm to left side. Repeat entire sequence.


March 4 counts in place and hold still for 2 counts: gallop 8 counts moving forward and come to full stop for 2 counts. Repeat entire sequence.


March 7 counts moving forward; turn around on 1 count in place, and gallop 7 counts back to beginning place. Turn to face beginning direction and repeat sequence.

many kinesthetic math and language lessons in this ebook / book:

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Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons by Susan Kramer

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