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Kinesthetic Language Lessons for Kids - Table of Contents

1. Forming Shapes for Alphabet Letters
2. Using Hand Signs to Learn to Print "b"and "d" - this lesson is also in the Hand Signing series
3. Two Lessons to Learn About Syllables
4. Concentration Lesson - Which Way Game
5. Kinesthetic Help Reading and Writing Left to Right
6. Kinesthetic Lesson on Sentence Diagramming
7. Punctuation Lessons
8. Learn Spelling by Keyboarding
9. Indirect and Direct Objects Kinesthetic Lesson
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons ebook or paperback

Learn Spelling by Typing, Keyboarding

by Susan Kramer

This is a way to learn how to spell that uses typing skills. So, it is for students who have learned keyboarding - touch typing.


When a person uses the keyboard, each letter that is typed is actually said in the mind.

As I type this page I am only going as fast as I can say each letter in every word.

But this very fact of thinking of each letter as it is typed is a great help in learning to spell using keyboarding skills.

How to "type to learn spelling"

1. Prepare a list of spelling words on a sheet of paper - such as 10 words at a time.

2. Look at the first word on the list and type it. Now look at the screen to see what it looks like typed.

3. Retype this same word 10 times in a row - remembering that each letter of the word is being said in the mind as the keys are tapped.

4. Go on to the next word and repeat the procedure of typing the word from the list; looking at the word on the screen; retyping the word a total of 10 times to reinforce the spelling.

I think this practice of typing spelling words repeatedly is of special help to kinesthetic and visual learners as it involves 'action' and 'looking'.

It is a temptation to rely on spell check when keyboarding and school reports are normally typed, but there are times when printing and longhand come into play such as taking notes in class.

Learning to spell is still a necessary skill and this "type to learn spelling" plan is a way to start at the easiest level of spelling and progress on.

many kinesthetic math and language lessons in this ebook / book:

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Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons by Susan Kramer

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