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Kinesthetic Language Lessons for Kids - Table of Contents

1. Forming Shapes for Alphabet Letters
2. Using Hand Signs to Learn to Print "b"and "d" - this lesson is also in the Hand Signing series
3. Two Lessons to Learn About Syllables
4. Concentration Lesson - Which Way Game
5. Kinesthetic Help Reading and Writing Left to Right
6. Kinesthetic Lesson on Sentence Diagramming
7. Punctuation Lessons
8. Learn Spelling by Keyboarding
9. Indirect and Direct Objects Kinesthetic Lesson
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons ebook or paperback

Indirect and Direct Objects Kinesthetic Lesson

by Susan Kramer

This lesson is for practice learning about indirect and direct objects in the sentence.

Skill level: Age 9+

"John gave Mary a book."

John is the subject. Gave is the verb. Mary is the indirect object. Book is the direct object.

To practice kinesthetically have "John" and "Mary" stand still at the left front of the room, then walk together to the right front side of the room, where Mary will receive the book John hands her from the shelf at the right side of the room.

(Substitute each student's real name for the character played.)

Aims: As language is written left to right across the page, the exercise gives that information kinesthetically to the actors, visually to the students watching, and repeating the sentence out loud while students are acting benefits the auditory learners.

many kinesthetic math and language lessons in this ebook / book:

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Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons
Kinesthetic Math and Language Lessons by Susan Kramer

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