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Kinesthetic Lessons for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Susan Kramer


1. ABA Sequencing Lesson
2. Benefits of Young Kids Learning Motor Skills
3. Circle Dance Using Rhythmic Motor Skills and Songs
4. Curving and Zigzag Shapes Lesson
5. Diagonal Line Shape Lesson
6. Climbing Stairs Lesson
7. Clockwise and Counterclockwise Lesson
8. Developing Concentration
9. Learning Right and Left Side
10. Outlining Shapes
11. Straight Lines Game
12. Making Horizontal Lines Lesson
13. Stretching in Vertical Lines Lesson
14. Moving Forward and Backward for Young Kids
15. Three Beginning Rhythmic Motor Skills
16. Three More Advanced Rhythmic Motor Skills
17. Moving in Directions Lesson
18. Straight Line Kinesthetic Lessons
19. Circles and Circling Lines Lesson
20. Curved and Bending Lines Lesson
21. Developing Language Skills Birth to 5

2. Benefits of Young Kids Learning Motor Skills

Caught by the camera, Jenny, 11 and a half months old, lets go and reaches out in her first independent steps, an early milestone in a lifetime of reaching out in learning-growing.

Even these first steps in rhythmic movement, using opposition of arms and legs, help develop right-left brain linkage.

learning to walk

Example: walking steps with arms swinging at sides; as left foot steps forward, right arm swings forward.

The nerve endings of sense organs feed the brain information for analysis and reflection through hearing, seeing, feeling on skin, tasting, and smelling.

Allowing the toddler-preschooler to learn with as many senses as possible instills new concepts most smoothly.

It is okay to give a child support and encouragement, especially if there are issues with learning or physical disabilities. And, remember to, that all children progress in some areas faster than others.

"Body to Mind
By receiving through the sense organs; analyzing
Then Mind to Body for action.
By moving exuberantly
In rhythms, patterns
Body-mind harmony develops."

Article by Susan Kramer

Resources for parents, teachers and homeschooling families:

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Rhythms and Dances for School Age Kids

Rhythms and Dances for School Age Kids

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Rhythms and Dances for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Rhythms and Dances for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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