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Little Dances and Meditations for Kids in English and French

by Susan Kramer


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Ebook: English and French translation for learning 16 basic rhythmic movements with clapping; 9 little dances to practice the steps, and 3 meditations for stress reduction: sitting, walking, and reclining.


Apprendre les 16 mouvements rhythmiques de bases: 1) se promener, 2) courir, 3) marcher, 4) galoper, 5) chassé, 6) sauter sur un pied, 7) sauter, 8) bondir, 9) pédaler, 10) galoper sur place, 11) tendre les doigts de pied,  12) sautiller, 13) waltz, 14) minuet, 15) schottische, 16) polka. Et pour pratiquer, 9 petites danses en lignes ou en cercles, et 3 méditations: méditation assise, méditation en marchant, et méditation couchée.


Since this ebook is bilingual: English and French, the two languages follow each other throughout the text, so that the reader can easily learn the other language by reading the text next to it. Good practice for native English or French readers. Each part is illustrated to help understand the specific activity.


37 pages in PDF. 3,100 words.


Tips: Print out the PDF ebook and 3-hole punch into a binder. The EPUB version can be used on any ebook reader.



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Part I

Key for Clapping Rhythms

Clef pour frapper dans les mains


Part II

16 Rhythmic Dance Steps

les 16 mouvements rythmiques de bases

1) Walking – Se promener

2) Running – Courir

3) Marching – Marcher

4) Galloping – Galoper

5) Sliding – Chassé

6) Hopping – Sauter sur un pied

7) Jumping – Sauter

8) Leaping – Bondir

9) Pedaling – Pédaler

10) Prancing – Galoper Sur Place

11) Toe Pointing – Tendre les doigts de pied

12) Skipping – Sautiller

13) Waltz – Waltz

14) Minuet – Minuet

15) Schottische – Schottische

16) Polka – Polka


Part III

For Practice – 9 Little Dances

Pour Pratiquer – 9 Petites Danses


Part IV

Meditation – Méditation

1) Sitting Meditation – Méditation assise

2) Walking Meditation – Méditation en marchant

3) Reclining Meditation – Méditation couchée

About the Author:

Susan Kramer is a graduate of Peabody Preparatory Institute Dance of Johns Hopkins University, a classical yoga instructor, and an international author of more than 20 books and thousands of articles on rhythmic movement, contemporary dance, ballet, music, philosophy, relationships, social issues, yoga, meditation, and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German, Greek, and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap, lives in North Holland.




Links to Buy: PDF | EPUB | Amazon Kindle | Amazon français |