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Love Is a Constant

collection by Susan Helene Kramer

Love constant

Blanketing lightly

Received gracefully

Mirrored brightly.


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Collection Eight beginning with number 301

Articles about meditation, including prayers for special occasions

301. Love Is a Constant
302. Can We Meditate For Just One Moment?
303. Unconditional Love in Friendship

304. All Saints Day

305. We Are the Same While in Various Roles

306. Loyalty in Friendship

307. Meditation, Science, Spirituality

308. Compassion for Our Self and Others

309. Christmas Joy

310. Basic Beginning Sitting Meditation

311. New Year Resolutions

312. Basic Beginning Walking Meditation

313. Thoughts on Time

314. Valentine's Day Blessings


315. Positive Attitudes, Energetic Willpower

316. Spirit Tantra Love - Book Summary

317. Basic Chanting Meditation

318. Consciousness in Marriage

319. Meditation Prayer

320. Going Home to Our Source

321. Making Time for Meditation

322. How to Overcome Obstacles as a New Meditator

323. Combine Virtue and Meditation to Fully Develop

324. Feeling Connected with Everyone

325. Meditation and the Family

326. Reduce Stress with Meditation

327. Stretch Before Meditation for the Most Comfort

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301. Love Is a Constant

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

Love constant

Blanketing lightly

Received gracefully

Mirrored brightly.

Beauty is the perception of harmony, and harmony is beautiful. Surrounding ourselves with inner and outer beauty, surrounding ourselves with harmony, eventually permeates our daily living.

We see physical beauty as all parts gracefully aligned, eliciting feelings of peacefulness and ease. We are aware of inner beauty when a person manifests lovingness and harmlessness, their actions perfectly blending into the creation as pieces of an elaborate puzzle.

We are each one of the parts and part of the whole of creation.

People of inner beauty bring out the best in us, because we feel easy in their company. We recognize beauty because we start feeling good.

The beauty of nature and people living in tune with natural harmony allows us to sink into our own space of thinking and acting beautifully, it's catching.

More beauty comes into our life by creating an uplifting physical, mental, emotional, spiritual environment: clean and orderly surroundings, balanced diet, cleanliness, exercise, deep relaxation, rhythmic breathing to balance physical, mental, emotional aspects.

Through meditation and self-analysis we discover the soul's existence, the self-sustained part of us that is watching the whole process of living from its joyful state.

Living in harmony
We become aware of ourselves
No matter where we are, what we're doing
We're beautiful vibrant beings.

302. Can We Meditate For Just One Moment?

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

I was asked the question: "Can a person meditate for just one moment?"

I felt like I had to demonstrate my answer, so I took a breath while closing my eyes and felt the drowning out of physical reality, much like the feeling of jumping into and submerging in the deep end of a pool.

Then still sitting there with closed eyes, I took another breath, and another.

Opening my eyes and facing my questioner, I said that I had demonstrated that meditation is for one moment, compounded over and over in the reality of time.

It is the submersion into our internal, eternal self within on the inhalation, and then pulling out the vast peace on the exhalation that makes meditation.

If we could maintain the consciousness of sprouting moment to moment from our vast Source within, we would be living the goal of meditation.

Meditation is both a practice and a state of being. We practice observing our regular breaths in their natural tides of in and out. And energetically live the results of meditation when we act with love, caring, kindness during the routines of our waking day.

We can practice and enjoy the benefits of meditation wherever we are, whatever we are doing by consciously being in the present moment as it is happening. Regulation of the breath is like turning a door handle and letting it open the view of our vast unlimited self and Self to us. The more we practice the better we get at experiencing the bliss within and then using it in our lives.

A side effect of meditation is the capacity to think through problems and pull out a workable resolution. Whether it is a relationship question or a complex technical problem, the answer can be drawn from within. After meditating it is useful to immediately write out any insights to review and use as needed. I also keep a piece of folded paper and small pencil in my pocket for saving thoughts on the go.

Back to the original question, meditation is practiced and lived moment to moment, whether being still or on the go. When we deliberately begin even breathing and relax within, we speed up the process of learning to live from the consciousness of our expanded state of being, that includes lovingness and all the virtues. Because this is a happy way to live and feels good, it is worth the effort to instigate a regular meditation practice, moment to moment eternally.


303. Unconditional Love in Friendship

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

To have a friend, be a friend, be friendly.

As in the word friendship, a friend is like a ship that carries us, abides with us unfailingly through the calm and rough seas of life.

Is there any purer relationship than friendship? It is the quality of unconditional loyalty and love. Friendship is a bond of steadfastness and acceptance that allows us to be who we are, fully, without the fear that love will be withdrawn.

Over a lifetime, it is the bond of friendship that allows us to explore our depths with non-judgmental feedback and supportiveness.

Sometimes, the friendship we give is not returned, but we benefit in another way: The process of extending friendship expands our consciousness. While giving and in the afterglow, we feel a sense of connection.

Once we experience the connection we feel while giving with care, we know that it is not just what we receive in life that makes us happy. It is mainly the connection that we feel when our own boundaries of self-centeredness break down through our lovingness, that we feel our internal sense of peace and happiness.

Meditation is a helper in awakening us to the abiding love that lives deep within us and that is all too ready to be tapped into, and flow through us in our body and relationships.

Taking time to meditate regularly, daily, gives us just the boost that can make the difference between feeling stranded and alone, and feeling connected with those around us, family and friends. And perhaps the day will come when we feel connected with all in the universe, friends with all in the diversity of the universe.


304. All Saints Day

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

November 1st is our time to remember the saints, especially those dear to our heart. For me at present it is Mother Mary, the mother of Christ. Having a large family of my own I have need often for her good role model.

With this holy season upon us it is time to pick a virtue that is saintly that we can work on and put to use during the winter season, such as showing kindness so that children or the elderly receive some special tender loving care.

All Saints Day Prayer

"Saints of old, saints today
Inspire us in your blessed ways.
That we will strive to be our best
In ways you know will meet life's test.
Daily we will work and strive
As humans we will be alive.
And every act and thought we have
Will bring us closer to our best.

Striving and being fully alive to the Divine within sets the saints apart. They literally shine with acts sublime and divine. This is the kind of life to emulate day by day, little bits adding up to the whole. The blessed reward coming back moment by moment is happiness and harmony in our lives.

Emulating the saints ways is a win - win proposition. Just as with all our acts in life we pull out the direct results of what we put in. What more can we ask?



305. We Are the Same While in Various Roles

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

We are who we are, and at the same time we are seen differently by different people. As an adult, our parents still see us as their children, while our children see us as their parents.

We relate with people in the format of various roles, and they are in a role when relating with us.

We dance in and out of relationships, but on the inside we remain our essential Self.

Through playing roles we come to understand each other, by feeling how similar we are underneath. Our role-playing lets us see many perspectives, while underlying all is a thread of commonality interlocking us as the stitches in a sweater; one long thread, many loops in the fabric of humanity.

Throughout our changing roles we are the unchanging ones, able to radiate love in any situation. And, we are able to feel others' love for us from our underlying constant of lovingness.

We ask who we are. At any moment in whatever role we each can say, "I am the one who always has love to share."

Make meditation a daily habit

When we sit in meditation we feel our unity with all, because the barriers that keep us looking separate are no longer there. Closed eyes do not see barriers between people. Make meditation a daily habit, enjoy the peace arising from deep within, feel unity with all, no matter what your role at the time.

Roles change
Love is the constant.



306. Loyalty in Friendship

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

Loyalty is doing what one has committed to amidst changing circumstances.

Loyalty is a quality that develops our consciousness. Loyalty leads us deep into a situation, through it, and out the other side, emerging as a more developed person.

Loyalty is an essential in friendship. Acquaintances become friends through mutual loyalty.

Loyalty is an essential in friendship that has developed into the commitment of hearts between two people. Loyalty in a heart to heart relationship develops mutual trust.

Above all else in this world is friendship, unconditionally given, unconditionally received. And with the addition of love, life is made beautiful. Above all else in this world is loving friendship, unconditionally given, unconditionally received.

Meditate deeply to develop loyalty

Loyalty can be developed by meditating deeply in the search for truth. As we get closer to the truth we are deciding to be loyal to that esoteric quality that binds us with all in the universe and beyond. It is worth spending time in meditation to help in reaching the outward goal of loyalty to family, friends, our world family and the inner ideals we hold to.

Be loyal to your meditation practice as you are loyal to your friends and experience a deep sense of peace and joy in your life.

Unconditional love
The best quality of friendship.
Loyal to love
Loyal to the Divine.



307. Meditation, Science, Spirituality

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

Scientific law and harmony pervade the universe. Predictable mechanisms, predictable responses are interwoven, interrelated as in the workings of a fine watch.

From the perspective of overall consciousness, love and science are one. One plus one equals two, whether on an addition chart or in relationship.

As we interact harmoniously, we align with the basic precept of nature: cooperation. Through harmonious cooperation we become increasingly aware and conscious of the world and ourselves, we find that we can harmoniously function with anyone, anywhere, under all circumstances, just as mathematical scientific principles are present and function in interrelation everywhere.

Abundant energy comes into our body, when by our positive attitudes, and depth of experience in meditation, we align with nature's laws. We become an asset to everyone as we manifest within the principles that keep our universe running rhythmically, harmoniously. Meditation is both an awakening force of our scientific biological and mental processes, and a harmonious energizer in our daily life.

When we meditate deeply we develop our sense of harmonious self as emanating from our radiant Self.

When we are feeling enlivened by our state of harmony, we most easily manifest acceptance and unconditional love. Energy radiates from us, warming everyone, as predictably as the sun radiates and warms everything by its rays of energy.

Radiating as the sun, we feel exquisitely good, as we are being sustained by our alignment within the harmonious workings of the universe. If alignment with the harmonious scientific laws of creation is so enlivening, can we imagine what direct alignment with the source of creation would lend to our consciousness?



308. Compassion for Our Self and Others

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

Compassion for ourselves allows each moment to grow in radiance. We need to be compassionate with ourselves at our current stage of development while keeping a positive outlook. Right now is our starting place from which to go forward.

Adopting a positive outlook and in-look means accepting the moment as it is and knowing that the next moment can be better because of our positive attitudes.

By acting for others' highest good we develop compassion. We are actually benefitting ourselves by acting with care, because our mind is peaceful and our body feels energized.

To develop compassion

Meditate deeply on feelings of compassion. Time spent quietly, free from external distractions allows us space to go within in a direct manner, like a comet speeding to our divine Source, and then bringing back useful information for daily living.
2. Adopt a positive attitude with the task at hand. A positive mental attitude energizes our body for action.
3. Follow the 'golden rule'. Act in the best interest of the situation in the same way you would ideally want to be treated in a similar circumstance.

Taking time to develop compassion rewards us with feelings of joy while acting.

Compassion for ourselves, while we become more loving, develops our capacity to experience consciousness ever more fully.



309. Christmas Joy

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

Christmas joy is multi-faceted. Celebrating the birth of the dear Babe fills us with hope for goodness in the future, and perhaps that is the biggest boost to our spirits. When we are enmeshed in this world where peace is constantly rolled over and disturbed by outer and inner events, it gives us cause to consider that there may be a way to bring joy back into our lives.

Christ's message of love is a way to bring joy into our daily lives. When we love someone we temporarily extend the border of our self, in fact, we erase the border between ourselves and that person. In the fullness of love for others we allow our inner joy to serge through us and penetrate the life of another. It is an all-around win-win outcome.

Joy can't help but feel good. Christmas, celebrated annually, gives us a high point in the year to open our hearts expansively in giving and sharing with those close to us and our community, too. And for the world we can pray and meditate sending out loving thoughts to the entire creation.

I'm glad we celebrate Christmas each year, my heart overflows with kindness and joy for those I love and the friends and relatives of my loved ones, too, making each loving and joyful thought a link in the mesh of humanity we are part of. One cloth, each of us an important and beautiful link making up the whole.

Meditate to develop your capacity to love

Sit upright in front of your meditation table or altar. Fold your hands in your lap or place them palms up or palms down on your thighs. Close your eyes. Begin even and regular breathing, such as one count to inhale, and one count to exhale. Keep up this rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation. Do not hold your breath at any time.

When your breathing is established bring thoughts of love for others to mind. This allows a relaxation in your mind that lets love fill your mind and overflow to others. In this way we are filled with joy whenever we put ourselves in this happy state of mind.

Finish your meditation with a prayer for world peace such as: Lord, may your peace and presence come alive in mine and every heart.

Take a deep breath in, let it out slowly, open your eyes, stretch out and go on with your day, renewed and filled with peace and joy.



310. Basic Beginning Sitting Meditation

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi

There are several elements that go toward making a successful meditation. First, pick a location where you will not be disturbed or observed for half an hour. This gives you time to prepare and meditate in peace. Some ideas are: next to your bed, in a walk-in closet, an attic space, if outdoors a porch or secluded garden space.

Dress comfortably for sitting by wearing loose pants that will not bind your waist or knees. I recommend cotton or light wool clothing. If you have a tendency to cool down when sitting still, have a warm shawl on hand to drape around your shoulders. For example, if you need a throw over you while sitting watching television you will probably need a cover while meditating.

Gather together your supplies such as a rosary or mala, small book of inspirations to read at the beginning of your session, incense and a candle if not near flammable materials such as curtains or bedding, fresh flowers, holy objects special to you. A dresser top, end table or wall shelf can hold your choices.

If you wish to sit on the floor with knees bent, legs crossed in sit on a cushion or heavy folded blanket. Either sitting on the floor on a cushion or on a chair with soles of feet firmly on the floor, hold your spine erect.

Mentally read from your book and then say an opening prayer. This is the time to ask any special requests.

Close your eyes and begin even and regular breathing such as 2 counts to inhale and 2 counts to exhale. Continue this pattern throughout your meditation. Keep up the rhythm without actually saying the numbers. Do not hold your breath at any time.

Coordinate thinking your mantra with the pattern of your breathing. A basic mantra is Om Shanti, or Om Peace. Or, use a short phrase from your religious background. I like to use Om Shanti. I inhale on Om and exhale on Shanti.

When you begin feeling peaceful let go of the mantra and listen to the internal sound under the crown of your head for as long as you can.

Conclude your meditation with a long inhalation and exhalation. Open your eyes. Stretch out and go on with your day, feeling relaxed and peaceful.



311. New Year Resolutions

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi


January 1st each year puts a firm date in our mind to begin anew with projects we see as benefitting us moving forward. Whether it is the renewal of a yearly resolution or branching out in a new direction, we can't help but notice that "new" is the word that comes along with each resolution.

It's easy enough to make a bucket list of what we want to do or see in the coming year, but let's make a commitment to upgrade our life from the inside out so we can enjoy outer events more.

Inner resolutions include spiritual growth, and one way to make this happen is through resolving to institute a new meditation practice. Resolve to begin the day with affirmations for personal and world peace and after your morning ablutions sit by your bed for a minute or more and sink into the peace and calm generated. Carry this peace with you as you rise and enter the mainstream traffic of your day.

A little meditation goes a long way in buffering the knocks of life. And when an event comes along that disturbs your equilibrium, give into the unbalance by reclaiming harmony in a short meditation.

When you are out in the world, several minutes in the nearest restroom meditating may be just what you need to clear your thoughts enough to make decisions that are for the best all around.

When we feel disturbed the inner channels of planning and deduction become cloudy. A reaction ensues that might not be what you would have decided or done with a clear mind.

Meditation opens the inner sight to seeing the broad overview, the whole picture in front of us, the various ramifications of choices we could make.

Before making out New Year resolutions, resolve to turn to a deeper meditation practice to give yourself a bulwark against the obstacles of life. Whatever you resolve to do or see in the world becomes a more enjoyable experience.



312. Basic Beginning Walking Meditation

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi


A walking meditation is a productive and peaceful way to spend some time outdoors. First, choose a route where you can safely walk and will not be disturbed. Some ideas include the block around your house, to and from a local park, the circumference of a school, the mall parking lot, a stretch of beach, path around a lake, route to the local store. You should be familiar with your route so you don't have to worry about getting lost.

Considerations: Comfortable walking shoes. The walking surface should be smooth so your mind is not distracted trying to avoid rocks or other obstacles. Carry a small backpack with reflective patch. Include water, a flashlight, phone, hat, scarf or other clothing to accommodate the weather. Juicy fruit if you'll be out for a while. Any medication you may need if your walk is extended. A notebook and pen to record new insights at the conclusion or at a rest stop.

The walking meditation

Stretch to begin. Then, once you set out walking set up a rhythm to coordinate breathing and stepping. For example, take two steps in your inhalation, and two steps as you exhale. Keep up this pattern during your meditation. Do not hold your breath at any time. Swing your arms in opposition to your walking steps. That means when you step forward with the right foot swing the left arm forward, and when stepping forward with the left foot, swing the right arm forward.

Now that your body is in motion coordinated with your breathing in a rhythmic pattern, turn your attention to what you are thinking. If you use a mantra, coordinate the syllables of the words with your breathing. For example, when I use Om Shanti I breathe in on Om, and breathe out on Shanti. Mentally say your mantra rather than speaking out loud.

If your mind drifts off, just take up your mantra again without judging yourself. The point is to gain conscious control and mastery of what you are doing. This practice carries over into activities in your daily life.

Finish your walking meditation with a stretch and record any new insights in your journal for later review.

One of the beauties of a walking meditation is no one else need know what you are doing. It is a private, peaceful and regenerating practice you can do in public.




313. Thoughts on Time

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi


Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace. One hour may be sixty minutes, but we can make it more valuable by increasing the quality we put into that sixty minutes.

All aspects of living can have that increased quality if we always act from our highest consciousness. Each moment we use freewill to decide how to act. We can upgrade, viewing our time as precious or downgrade, viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

Flowing, progressing in consciousness is a process, tribulation into transformation. Transformation revealing that lasting happiness is free from dependence on stimulants, accumulation of possessions, and relationships out of neediness.

And while we are here let's remember that our Creator unites us together as One, one spirit permeating every atom of creation.

Meditation practice allows us to get more benefit from each sixty minutes. Meditation opens our inner sight to a wider awareness of options for action that are available to us. We do not live in a cardboard box of body.

We live as expansive beings with the gifts of spiritual awareness to be able to see the broader picture, and then make choices for action. Wiser choices.

Make time for daily meditation
Expand into your Spiritual Self
Bringing intuitive and practical insights into play
In the daily workings of life.



314. Valentine's Day Blessings

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi


As each Valentine's Day rolls around, we again have the opportunity to make an extra effort to shower our loved-ones with a strong show of lovingness. That's the easy part. What is more difficult is to extend caring love to those who are not so emotionally close.

Rise to the challenge of extending the spirit of the day in little increments leading up to the special day, then you'll have reached your goal and still have energy left to enjoy.

Ways you can show little acts of caring love are by going the extra mile in your volunteer service, helping out without being asked, distributing food and clothes to those in need without them knowing the giver.

For example, when my father was retired he went to the grocery store after supper and anonymously took the food in paper bags and left them on the doorsteps of poor neighbors. He did not tell me about these visits till he was bedridden in his last years, but I was impressed and this lesson in caring acts has stayed with me.

To open your heart, meditate regularly from your heart chakra. The space in the center of your body between your arm pits from which your arms extend. It is not accident our precious heart is in the center of our torso between our arms. It is a lesson placed there to show that caring is by our actions, more so than our words.

When sitting in meditation feel your body heat up and after your session use this flowing energy to do something nice for another or others. In that way you'll get in the habit of expanding yourself in caring love, the true message of Valentine's Day.

Be a blessing to others
Give of yourself fully and freely
Reap joy and peace of mind
By your caring actions.



315. Positive Attitudes, Energetic Willpower

Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi


Positive Attitudes, energetic willpower, clear insight lead to mastery of mind. These are some of the driving forces at our disposal to reach our higher state of consciousness in this world.

Add devotion to the mix and we zoom ahead of consciousness into divine awareness. That is my choice for this life. Why be content to partially achieve the supreme goal when full radiance is possible by surrendering attachment to material objects and relationships will smooth the path for us.

Meditation practice

Meditation practice is the seat to the divine experience. By living virtuously with devotion in meditation we gradually open wide the portal within that floods us with radiance divine; energetic radiance that vibrates us into higher plains of consciousness.

Begin your meditation by choosing a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Either sit on the floor on a cushion or folded wool blanket, or sit straight in a chair without leaning back (it is okay to support your lower back). On the floor, fold your legs in, on the chair plant the soles of your feet firmly on the ground to maintain balance. Fold your hands in your lap or place them palms up or palms down on your thighs. If you are using a rosary or mala hold it close to your body or in your lap.

Close your eyes, and take a long inhalation and exhalation to begin. Then begin a pattern of even and regular inhalations and exhalations such as one count to breathe in and one count to breathe out. Keep up this rhythm without actually saying the counts throughout your meditation.

Pay close attention to your breaths. Be as the spectator in the grand stand watching the parade of your breaths pass by, in and out, in and out. After some time listen to the sounds of your inner body, particularly under the crown of your head, if possible. Turn your attention to this rather than following your breaths. Enjoy the peaceful feeling in your mind. Let yourself expand like a balloon till floating free of attachments to the earthly world. Feel the freedom of awareness in spirit, and the longer you sit the more your inner radiance has a chance to enliven you.

Finish your meditation by opening your eyes, taking a deep breath in and slowly releasing it. Record in your journal any insights from your meditation, stretch out and go forward into your day.




316. Spirit Tantra Love - Book Summary


Article by Susan Helene Kramer Shuchi


Look through the crystals of these 134 spiritual topics written by Susan Kramer, that shine on ways to express true love, lasting love, taking into account that love flows through us in a never-ending tumbling stream when our attitude is giving, caring, sharing. The section on tantra includes theory, meditations, and non-sexual practices for the individual and couples. 30,000 words. PDF and paperback 182 pages.

6 by 9 inch paperback; 8.5 by 11 inch PDF; EPUB ISBN: 978-1-329-60187-1; Copyright 2015 Susan Kramer; Language: English.

Link page to buy Spirit Tantra and Love as a paperback, PDF or EPUB.

PDF ebooks can be saved to a Kindle.

PART ONE SPIRIT: Spirit and Relationships
1. The Gifts of Spirit
Making Good Choices
Contemplation Is a Useful Skill
4. Seeing Eye to Eye
Improving the Quality of Our Character
Awakening in Spirit
Growth in Consciousness
Personal Time
Regrouping for a Positive Future
Coming to Know Our Soul
Toward Ultimate Truth
Moving Forward
How We Face the World
14. Keeping Pace in Society
Acting for the Best Resolve
Wisdom Is a Reward of Aging
17. Turning Away from Unwelcome Energy
The Gift of Healing
The Intelligence of Spirit
Looking For Happiness Outwardly
Caring and Sharing
Motherly Love
23. Goals in Living
Quiet Time for Meditation
Pulling Our Weight in the World
Turning to the Light
A Bible Story for Today
Emotional Bonding
We Intermingle with All
30. Friendship
PART TWO TANTRA: Tantra Explored
31. Tantra Is Communion
32. Understanding Our Composite Body
The Energy of Our Soul
Tantra Is the Balance of Yin Yang
35. The Pervading Energy of Tantra
The Circle of Love
The Opening Heart
Loving Energy
Nadi Suddhi Tantra Meditation Breathing Practice
40. Tantric Meditation When You Are Alone
41. Personal Tantric Meditation for Balancing Male and Female Energy
Tantric Meditation With a Loving Partner
43. Touch Beyond Touch
44. Experiment to Feel Connected to a Loved One
Heart to Heart Hugging
Practice for a Couple
PART THREE LOVE: The Energy of Love
47. Order in the Universe
48. Our Home on Earth
Existence Continues
52. Creator and Sustainer
Special and Precious
Caring Friendship
Peaceful Acceptance
Personal Equanimity
Nonsense Makes No Sense
61. True Satisfaction
Clarity Sincerity
Why Are We Here?
65. Making the Right Choice
66. Unlimited Happiness
Shining Heart
Clearing the Grit
Ideas and Creation
Stepping in Time
Loving Interest Compounded
72. Repeating History
Underlying Harmony
Moving Stimulates Energy
75. Loving Our Source
Light Within Light
77. Doing Your Task
Full Light
79. Giving Stress Direction
Taking Time
Contract or Expand
82. Care About Others
83. Sudden Changes
Negative People
Creating from Insight
Form Is Changeable
87. Targeting
Bonding Dissolving
The Highest Good
Love Energizes
92. Make Life a Tapestry
93. Love Is Our Self
94. Solid Ground
Internal Signals
We Have an Inner Guide
97. The Place of No Disturbance
Balancing Positive and Negative
Time Flows
A True Gift
Individuality in Relationship
Easy Communication
Analyze and Incorporate
105. The Spirit of Love
Prioritize for Happiness
107. Survival of Love
Unconditional Love and Acceptance
Preparing for Marriage
Conscious Harmony
Humanity in Progress
Mirrored Images
The Handhold of Conscience
A Blueprint for Living
Positive Spiritual Reality
Warp and Woof Energies
External Guidelines
Emotion to Devotion
Growing in Love
Visualize with Energy
124. Inner Source
Our Flesh and Personality Body
Positive Choices
Love and Wisdom
Balancing Body and Mind
Express Lovingly
130. A Fulfilling Life
Single Words on How It Is
132. Creation and Science Are Harmonious
133. Practicing Integrity
Remembrance of Love

Link page to buy Spirit Tantra and Love as a paperback, PDF or EPUB.

PDF ebooks can be saved to a Kindle



317. Basic Chanting Meditation


Chanting sacred syllables in Sanskrit or any language uplifts your mood and spirit. The robust breathing required in chanting draws more oxygen into your body, too.

Combining singing with devotional thoughts, uplifts us all around and at the finish leaves us feeling tuned up like the vibrations that emanate from a tuning fork after being plucked. Or like the vibrational sound from a singing bowl after being played.

To begin chanting gather together your supplies, which could be a harmonium, or another instrument. I play the harmonium so that is my choice. But it is not really necessary to have an accompaniment. Just your voice and an attitude of devotion is all that is required.

Chanting in a group brings up the energy of your combined efforts. A leader can be selected who chants a line and the rest chant the line in response. As a group participant you don't have to choose what will be chanted, just pay attention to repeating the sounds.

In devotional chanting it is the pure sounds that uplift and bring forth the purest energy, so that after the session you resound with the raised vibrations. At the end of the verbal chanting a period of silent meditation can follow where you go deeply within yourself for a comfortable period of time.

When you are ready to begin chanting, either sit on a cushion on the floor, legs folded in, or on a straight back chair without leaning back. If you are chanting in response to a leader, close your eyes. Otherwise keep your attention on the list of chants you will be singing. Take a deep inhalation and exhalation to begin and center yourself.

After the chanting and silent meditation stretch out and slowly go on with your day. You might want to spend some time in fellowship, or be by yourself for a while. Take time to reflect on the peaceful and harmonious feelings with which you are left.




318. Consciousness in Marriage


Marriage is a carriage that can take us to the realization of our permanent home. In conscious marriage the couple are aware of this as the ultimate goal of their life together. The marriage is lived with each serving the other's best interests, above their own desires.

When we serve another out of care for their highest good we are aligning with our soul. The greatest love is the purest love, free from desires for personal gain.

Meditation each day gives us control over the ramblings of our mind. The mind becomes our servant, not us the mind's toy. As we practice meditation regularly we begin to feel the inner peace, the lasting calmness that allows us to think clearly and analyze to act with right judgment.

After meditating for some time the calmness extends throughout more and more of the regular day, till we can always turn to that inward, calm, balanced state at a moment's notice and need.

Past the calmness comes joy and bliss and full peace. We experience these transcendent feelings more deeply the more we practice meditation and right living by listening to our conscience.

When each mate spends time in meditation and in acting rightly in accordance with their developing conscience, their union parallels that of the Divine: fully married, inseparable with the highest aspect in themselves and each other.




319. Meditation Prayer


This is a prayer for the beginning of your meditation session, to pave the way for peace and love to open your inner most heart.

First, take a few minutes to read an inspiring passage that uplifts you from a book of your choice, or move on to this prayer I've written.


"In love and grace within our Self
We live a blessed life on earth
While meditation's current flows
Carrying us through daily work.

The state of meditation brings
Awareness that we are on par
With our innate state of grace
Enveloping all both near and far.

One in heart, one in peace
Spreading over many lands
Standing together, not apart
Meditating on peace
All dear as friends."

Silent part of meditation

To begin the silent portion of your meditation, close your eyes and begin even and rhythmic breathing, such as one count to inhale, one count to exhale. Observe your breath while listening for your core vibration, also known as the eternal OM.

Finish your meditation with a deep breath, open your eyes and be thankful for having rested in your Higher Self. Record new insights from meditation in your journal for later review. Lastly, stretch out and go on with your day.





320. Going Home to Our Source


After being away from our family home for a while, we look forward with fresh anticipation to returning. We feel the same after we have long been away from our Creator-Sustainer.

A deep yearning causes us to search for our innate roots, the womb of our origin. We have gone out into the world, experienced life with its pains and pleasures, happiness and sadness. We never found a lasting happiness from those experiences. What we sought was not outside of ourselves.

To go home is to experience the peace and love arising from our self-effulgent heart center, the core of our being. We find that all the love and happiness we have ever wanted is already available to us in every moment, without fail.

The outer journey of going away from h (om) e to seek happiness was not fruitless. We found irrefutably that the world did not hold a continuous thread of happiness joining life's adventure together.

The thread that weaves its way through life's journeys is our own outlook, realization of being the peace, being the love. What we seek out in the world is what we already are in the home of our soul. We are the joy, the peace, the love. They are part of the makeup of us just as surely as we could ever imagine. But we have been imagining they are outside in the world, instead of realizing they are in the home of our heart.

The great experiment, the ultimate goal of our existence is to find that the qualities that we seek to make us happy are actually already an integral part of our existence. And the way to find these qualities within ourselves is through being kind and caring, practicing meditation, holding positive and unselfish attitudes. After practicing these we soon realign with the peace and joy within.

Having discovered
Our inner place of peace and joy
We can really enjoy our nuclear family
Our world family





321. Making Time for Meditation


Sometimes it seems like we can't get everything done in our 24 hours a day. That's why we have to schedule time for our own personal care, and that includes exercise, and most importantly, meditation.

Start out with a monthly planner to get a wide view of what is coming up and to plan when to get specific jobs done. Then keep a daily planner near you, maybe on your computer table or in your shoulder bag. I keep my monthly calendar on the wall in my kitchen so I'll see it entering or leaving the room. I look up and scan events coming up and mentally think what I need to do about them.

My daily planner is right in front of me on the computer table in front of the screen. Can't miss seeing that since I check my email after turning on my desk top computer.

But before I even get to the kitchen or computer table I take time for meditation. It is my number one daily priority and sets me in a good frame of mind for whatever the day holds. It is not necessary to meditate a long period of time. I've been allotting myself ten minutes for so many years now, that my body goes into that quiet and creative state automatically as I sit in meditation pose.

The same will happen to you when you make time for meditation. It becomes a regular habit and then the time is automatically there, without thought of making space for it in your own schedule.

Meditating regularly sets the tone for the rest of the day. It gives a boost of energy in the right direction, a positive direction. As you rise from your meditation take time to stretch out, in the sun salutation if you practice hatha yoga. But at least stretch out your arms to the side and overhead to invigorate your body.

In the evening make time to sit quietly before going to bed. The traditional times are sunrise and sunset, the changing of the day in the cycle of life.




322. How to Overcome Obstacles as a New Meditator


As a new meditator there may be some obstacles to overcome. To begin, getting into a meditation pose may be a major hurtle if you are not used to sitting in a cross-legged pose. It helps to do a series of hatha poses beforehand, such as the sun salutation, to limber the joints.


If you really cannot get into the cross-legged position, it is okay to sit on a straight back chair and place the soles of your feet firmly on the floor to maintain your balance when your eyes are closed. If sitting on a chair it could be useful to roll a towel to place on the chair behind your lower back to help keep your spine erect.


Now that you are sitting erect close your eyes. Turn your attention to your breath. Inhale and exhale in an even and natural way, do not hold your breath at any time. There are practices that use the breath in different ways, but not in your meditation session.


We all need to breathe to live, and incorporating the even breathing of meditation helps calm our body and our thoughts, too. An example of harried or ragged breathing is what we do when angry or upset. Even and regular breathing helps calm us. A meditation breathing pattern example is to inhale one count and exhale one count. Keep up this rhythm throughout your meditation without actually saying the counts. Finish your meditation with a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Open your eyes.




Wear clean clothes that are loose enough so you can cross your legs and provide for adequate modesty. Traditional whites, (white cotton pajama-type pants and over-shirt) are the recommendation in most retreat and meditation centers. Leotard and tights work well if you are doing a dance meditation and are sitting after the moving portion.


If you are meditating at home in the evening and have showered and prepared for your quiet time and bed, your cotton pajamas would work very well for your last meditation of the day. Above all, do not wear constricting clothing or a short skirt that needs to be hiked down. The loose clothing lets you concentrate on your meditation without worrying about your outfit. Keep a shawl handy in case your body cools as you sit still.


These obstacles can be overcome and will lead to a peaceful meditation experience.



323. Combine Virtue and Meditation to Fully Develop


Virtue brings the best of your personality to light. We have choices on how to act in a given situation. How we have developed in our humanness influences those decisions moment to moment. Spontaneous actions come from our developed personality.


To act and manifest in the world for the best, take time each day to emulate a virtue, such as kindness, for example. This puts us in a positive state of mind and decisions and actions while feeling positive most likely will be those that will have positive results. Clarity in action comes from clarity of attitude and mind.


While working on your daily virtue continue your regular meditation practice. Feel the awakening of spirit by meditating deeply. As a beginning meditator enjoy the peaceful feeling that comes by sitting still and concentrating on the flow of breath in and out in a regular even pattern. Sit erect to keep from compressing your internal organs while meditating. Uncomfortable bodily sensations distract from a peaceful state of mind. Gradually lengthen your meditation period till it feels natural to sit and be still for a period. Start with a few minutes and work up to a half hour or more of quiet time in spirit.


As we improve our attitudes by substituting virtuous thoughts for digressions and negativity we improve the quality of our spiritual experience in meditation. And vice versa, we take a recharged battery back into daily life the more deeply and sincerely we meditate. It also helps to meditate on a virtue you wish to emulate. If you choose kindness think about how you can be kinder to just one person later in the day or following days.


The end result of living with increasing virtue while meditating regularly is an expanding awareness and joy in waking hours.


And that is why we meditate, to fully develop our capacity to feel our joyful nature, without barriers of negative attitudes or thoughts.



324. Feeling Connected with Everyone


Living in a family is like being one of the spokes of a wheel. We are busily immersed in various activities during the day, but at day's end our consciousness again returns to the hub of family life.


In healthy family life, each member gives 9babies give us laughs) and takes. In this way each has the opportunity to give and receive, everyone receiving the benefits of both. Family provides a strong support unit in times of stress and illness. Family support helps us work through life's ups and downs.


As parents, our children's dependency ties us to responsibilities, giving us the opportunity to grow out of self-serving ways. Children have us as a role model to emulate and as someone to guide and support them till independence day. And when our parents again become as children through old age or illness, we have the responsibility to care for them.


On the world scale all the peoples of earth are our extended family. Our individual family is the example on the small scale.


Spare time can be spent improving the environment for all and serving those where their needs may lie. We need to feel and show the same concern for others that we feel for ourselves and our families by attitude and action, to the extent that our responsibilities allow.


Families give us a chance to grow in consciousness as individuals, by broadening our concept of what it means to be part of the world family. When we feel at One with all we begin to realize the same oneness in all, the One Spirit that powers and guides everyone and everything.


Meditation practice brings us to the center of our being in Spirit and releases the energy needed to interact with our little and big world family. Take time to go within and draw from the artesian well-spring of Spirit, from the energy that is always there when needed to refresh our attitudes, thoughts, and actions in the world.




325. Meditation and the Family


Mother first holds her infant aligned heart to heart. Father and siblings align heart to heart. Heart to heart contact is an essential part in human development. A baby cuddled in the heart to heart position regains the feelings of security and protection lost when suddenly free of the womb. With repeated hugs and cuddling, baby, mother, all of baby's family develops a mutual relationship of ever increasing love.


The human infant needs loving care and devotion from an adult to be protected from dangers and have his needs met. On the larger scale of human development and evolution, the devotion developed in nurturing our family expands gradually to include others in our loving care. We grow from self-centeredness, feeling a limited amount of love, to the experience of expanded never ending loving energy reaching out to all.


While growing up we observe what is entailed in being a father, mother, brother, sister. If each of these basic roles were not in our own family, we saw them in families around us. As adults, many of us extend into the parenting role with our own children or with the children of relatives and friends.


The family we grew up in is our nesting family. After we fly from the nest as young adults, we begin to relate in ways that form additional family groups. If we marry, we then gain an ever larger family of in-laws.


While we are single adults we form a circle of friends for mutual support and nurturing. Whatever role we are in at the moment, we have work and community groups with which to interact, and acquaintances sharing common interests. As citizens we have national and international ties. In varying degrees of involvement and commitment we function as parts of the whole world family.



Meditation practice


Meditation practice is our key to becoming the best player we can be in whatever our family role at the moment. Besides becoming our best self, we uplift others in the family and community by our good example of living rightly and justly. Make meditation part of your daily routine. Inspire others in your family to follow your example. Let's make this world the best it can be.




326. Reduce Stress with Meditation


Meditation can reduce stress by putting the body-mind into a state of equilibrium. When all our systems are in balance it is easier to work out solutions to problems causing stress.


Instant meditation, that is breathing on the spot, is a silent way using regular even breathing to get stressful feelings under control. Here's how: breathe in one count; breathe out one count, and continue this pattern for a minute. Your body comes under your mental control by calming down, just as your mind regains equilibrium.


We feel better when we are feeling mentally and physically in control of ourselves.


This instant breathing practice can be done unobtrusively, even in an office or classroom. No one need know what you are doing. But the result benefits others, too, because we become a more centered person to be around, and others may eventually ask us what our secret is in keeping or regaining our cool.


Demonstration of the benefits is, after all, an effective teacher.


When you are by yourself, and have time for a sitting meditation, institute even, regular breathing into your routine. Breathe in counts one, two; breathe out counts one, two, and continue this rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation.


By focusing on your breathing you are taking your attention away from any problems you may be dwelling on. This interjection of rhythmic breathing breaks the pattern of stress you may have built up in your mind and feel in your body.


Regular sitting meditation is a cushion to sink into that builds up with repetitive practice, a barrier against the buffeting winds of difficult and upsetting situations in living. And, it is good to know that you have this rescue formula to fall back on when stressed.


Link to Buy Stress and Anger Management ebook or paperbook




327. Stretch Before Meditation for the Most Comfort


If you take a few moments to stretch out your body it will be easier for you to sit in meditation. The erect posture in meditation is different from sitting down to watch TV or to eat dinner. Meditation posture needs to be balanced on your seat - both what you are sitting on, and the balance point of your body.


A posture leaning back is not conducive to letting the bodily feelings go to sleep while the mind stays awake in deep meditation. Our efforts in meditation are to take us to this state of rising out of body conscious into the bliss of soul consciousness.


In soul consciousness we don't feel the physical body from the neck down but we are so very much awake and aware and emotionally elevated into bliss and joy.


Prepare your body


To prepare your body for meditation wear comfortable clothing. Pick a place to sit where you will not be disturbed. Stretch your arms overhead and to the side and gently twist your torso and arms as a unit looking to the right and to the left in a long graceful movement. Then sit up straight on your cushion or a straight-back chair, without leaning back. If you need to while sitting on a chair, support your lower back with a bolster. Now you are ready to begin your meditation routine.


Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale in a regular even pattern throughout your meditation and begin by turning your thoughts to love, as for a loved-one or pet. Stay in this state as long as possible, than conclude by sending a wish for world peace out to the universe. Take a deep inhalation and slowly exhale. Open your eyes. Stand up and stretch out, and go forward with your day.





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