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Love and Science

One in Consciousness

Susan Kramer

Scientific law, harmony, pervades the universe. Predictable mechanisms, predictable responses, interwoven, interrelated as with the workings of a fine watch. From the perspective of overall consciousness, love and science are one. One plus one equals two, whether on an addition chart or in a relationship.

As we interact harmoniously, we align with the basic precept of nature: cooperation. Through harmonious cooperation we become increasingly aware and conscious of the world and ourselves; we find we can harmoniously function with anyone, anywhere, under all circumstances, just as mathematical scientific principles are present and function with interrelation everywhere.

Abundant energy comes into our body, when, by our positive attitudes, we align with nature's laws. We become an asset to everyone as we manifest within the principles that keep our universe running rhythmically, harmoniously. When we are feeling enlivened by our state of harmony, we most easily manifest acceptance and unconditional love. Energy radiates from us, warming everyone, as predictably as the sun radiates and warms everything by its rays of energy. Radiating as the sun, we feel exquisitely good, as we are being sustained by our alignment within the harmonious mathematical workings of the universe. If alignment with the harmonious scientific laws of creation is so enlivening, can we imagine what direct alignment with the source of creation would lend our consciousness?

We can't imagine, but we can experience an ever-expanding consciousness by loving unconditionally.

Basic consciousness is our state of awareness at any given moment. Consciousness is scientific because we grow in awareness using the natural principle of cause and effect: Our loving actions are the cause, and the effect is our ever increasing awareness of being interconnected with the rest of creation.

In order to come to our full state of consciousness we go through a scientific process of evolution. An analogy can be seen by the various stages of a human life, from babyhood to the accumulated wisdom of old age.

In general, the individual progression can be seen awakening, and gradually integrated into the whole of living over time.

writing copyright 1999-2011 Susan Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands