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How to Make and Sell Ebooks 

Susan Kramer

Get on the bandwagon of being an ebook author, but before beginning, acquire basic skills using Word and Photoshop. In this ebook, instructions are included to format EPUB and PDF ebooks, make marketing images, plus pricing, selling, and advertising ideas. Cover illustrations are included as examples to create your own. 3,300 words.

Publisher - Enterprises

ISBN:  978-1-304-70518-1

Copyright 2013 Susan Helene Kramer
Language: English


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4        Introduction

5        How to Write an Ebook

6        The Basic Raw Documents

7        Formatting a PDF Ebook (or a paper book)

7        Elements to Include in the Ebook

8        Choosing an Ebook Title

9        Layout for PDF Ebook

11      Preparing the Information Document for PDF and EPUB

12      Formatting an EPUB

14      Making Graphics

15      Marketing Image for PDF and EPUB

17      Selling and Marketing Ebooks

20      Free Advertising Opportunities

21      Pricing Ebooks




How to Write an Ebook


1. Pick a topic.


2. Pretend you're in school and have been asked to write a term paper. Writing an ebook is like writing a term paper. When you have chosen a topic, make an outline of possible chapter titles.


3. Take time to thoroughly fill in each chapter in a logical sequence from beginning to end.  Each chapter is part of the step-by-step process. The last chapter should be about you, the author, with a brief biography, and contact information. Include your email address and website URL.


4. Use a text program that has spell check to write your ebook. I use MS Word. When your ebook is written, give it to someone to check over for spelling errors in usage, and good grammar.


For example, if you are writing in English and you are not a native English speaker, give it to someone to edit who is a native English speaker. Spelling should be perfect because of spell check. And, use good grammar, so that your work is easily readable.


Make the corrections and keep each new version in a numbered document in sequence, so you know which paper is most recent. For example, Making Jam.doc; Making Jam2.doc; Making Jam3.doc.


About the Author - Susan Helene Kramer is an international author of books, ebooks, and thousands of articles on dance, ballet, practical spirituality, yoga, meditation, and her dollmaking hobby. She divides her time with her husband, Stan Schaap, between The Netherlands, and Santa Barbara, California.

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