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Mandala or Mantra Meditation
A mandala is a universal symbol, and a yantra is a cosmically inspired geometric design. By spending time gazing upon them we are drawn within to greater realizations of esoteric qualities - beauty, truth, peace, joy.
Photo © Stan Schaap, Bee on Blossom
I find pictures of blooming flowers inspiring, but use the mandala or yantra that attracts you.

To begin your meditation select a quiet time and sit with a straight back on a cushion on the floor in front of a low table, with a lighted candle and incense if you desire.

Alternately, sit in a chair and place your candle and incense on a regular table. Either way, have your mandala or yantra in front of you at eye level - on the table or behind it on the wall.

Fold your hands in your lap or place them palms up on your thighs. Begin with a prayer, uplifting verse or peace chant. Next, for the reflective portion of your meditation just sit quietly, eyes open, gazing at the mandala or yantra. Maintain this quiet time for as long as you like; allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

Now, close your eyes and conclude your meditation with thoughts, affirmations or prayers for personal and world peace.

Meditating repeatedly
Produces ever longer stretches
Of peace and joy.

Meditation by Susan Helene Kramer
Photo © Stan Schaap, The Netherlands; Bee on Blossom

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