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Meditation and Spirituality for Teens and Young Adults Moving Into the Future

by Susan Kramer

This workbook is a primer to learn about our rich and unlimited spiritual nature. From twelve to early twenties, we travel an uphill road from dependence to independence. The topics in each chapter present useful ideas while moving into the future. Each chapter is followed by 2 lined pages to record your thoughts along the way. A story on bullying is included. 24 chapters. 9,400 words. 98 pages. Interior is in color.


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1. Spiritual Living

2. Sitting Meditation

3. Relaxation Meditation

4. Using a Journal for Reflection

5. Instant Meditation

6. Meditation Exercise at Your Desk

7. Moving Meditations

8. Guided Walking Meditation

9. Guided Meditation on Compassion

10. Guided Meditation on Kindness

11. Understanding Harmony

12. Loving Is What Counts

13. Affirmations and Prayers

14. Inner Music of Meditation

15. Lesson of the Snowflake Meditation

16. Cumulative Effects of Meditation

17. Mindfulness Meditation

18. Forgiveness Meditation

19. Learn to Concentrate with a Walking Meditation

20. Impulse Control

21. Temptation and Self-Control

22. Meditation Is for Everyone

23. Daily Group Cyber Meditation

24. The Bully Story

About the author - Susan Kramer has been teaching meditation, yoga, dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965 and maintains a large educational web site at

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