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Mini 8 Inch Baby Dolls Nightgown -
Pattern and Sewing Instructions

For Corolle Mini Calin - Gotz Mini Muffin - Zapf Mini Baby Dolls

Page for American Girl and Tonner mini dolls


  8 Inch Gotz Mini Muffin Baby Doll with Floppy

8 Inch Zapf Mini Baby Doll with Floppy

Dutch Dress Pattern for Mini Baby Dolls

Shirt and Pants for Mini Baby Dolls


American Girl and Tonner Mini Dolls



This pattern is for nightgowns for 8 inch (20cm) mini baby dolls, such as Gotz Mini Muffin, Corolle Mini Calin, Zapf and similar baby dolls.

This pattern is my original design and may not be used commercially.

I have made the .jpg images to the true size of the pattern. But if they do not print out with 1 inch squares, then here are directions to make your own graph paper, to then transfer the patterns. I recommend first trying to open this page in the print friendly version and then printing out to save yourself some time and effort.

To make your 1 inch square (2.5cm) grid graph paper

First, take an 8.5x11 inch piece of plain paper and draw 1 inch squares - I do this by drawing horizontal lines 1 inch apart down the page, and then vertical lines 1 inch apart across the page.

Next, looking at the .jpg image you want to enlarge, copy what is in each of my squares into your larger squares.

Seam allowances of one quarter inch are included.

Nightgown Notes

Because this is such a small doll you do not need much material to make the nightgown. One quarter yard or meter is sufficient.

This is an extra easy pattern with no type of closure needed for the neck opening.

To dress your doll, first put the shirt over the head, then insert one arm, then the other. It is a loose fit for a casual look.

shirt facing for 8 inch mini baby doll; photo credit Susan Kramer

Very Important -


The nightgown pattern needs to be extended 2 inches (5cm) front and back so the finished nightgown is 6 inches from shoulder to hem.

Cut one nightgown piece on the fold. (Note the pattern piece is also for a shirt and is labeled as such.) Cut one facing piece on the fold. No alterations are needed for the facing pattern.

Sewing Instructions


Cut out the facing piece on the fold and turn up the long rounded outside edge one eighth inch, one time, and hem all around.


- Lay out the nightgown piece finished side up. Lay the facing piece over top with finished sides together. The long edge of the facing should be lined up over the shirt front.

- Cut a slit one inch down the front through both the facing and shirt front, starting at the neck edge at center front to form an opening.

- Sew the facing to the neck edge and down around the front opening. Clip curves and turn facing to inside and press seam.

- Roll up sleeve edge one eighth inch twice and blind stitch.

- Line up front to back of shirt, finished sides facing and sew underarm and side seam. Make seam one quarter inch wide.

- The last step is to roll up lower edge one eighth inch twice and blind stitch hem.

It took me 2 hours to sew the nightgown by hand.


Add lace trim and satin ribbon as in photos if you wish. I used cotton flannel material for the nightgown.

And, of course, Floppy, the Cyber Doll House mascot is in the scene as usual, and gives you an idea of just how mini this special baby doll is!

Article, Patterns and Photos by Susan Helene Kramer






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