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Do Moms and Pops Both, Love Their Kids Unconditionally?

By Susan Kramer

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Has nature set up us humans to love our children unconditionally, whether we are mother or father?

I’ve thought about the roles of each parent in raising kids. I see that apart from the female giving birth, either parent can nurture their offspring, through what they feel impelled to do for their welfare.

Unconditional love energizes a parent to act for the highest good of their child.

Except for giving birth, in other animal species one parent sometimes takes on the additional role of a missing parent if need be. This must be a genetic instinct.

In my family my mother passed away twenty years before my father. Even though we were then young adults, Dad stepped up to the plate by keeping in touch with us kids over the ensuing years. Before mom passed away, he did not come forward to show concern for me and my siblings, that I can remember. But, being left as a single parent to his young adult children, his unconditional love blossomed as he attempted to assuage our emotional loss, such as by inviting us to do activities with him and nurture a family-feeling.

Biologically, we may have different roles in the parenting unit depending on if we’re male or female. But the energy of unconditional love can manifest from each parent to the degree of nurture as needed.

Parental roles may be complementary

If both parents are present

But mom or pop can cover for one another as needed

By the energy of unconditional love, God-given love.”

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