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Children in Motion with Dance, Meditation and Yoga

Includes Basic Lesson Plan

by Susan Kramer

Comprehensive text in large 16 pt. type for ease of use while teaching, 141 pages, 8.5x11 inches, 10,300 words. Includes descriptions of 16 rhythmic dance steps; 9 little dances; 15 reflective and moving meditations; 15 gentle moving yoga poses, and a 9-part basic 45 minute lesson plan divided into 5 minute segments. For children of all abilities. Fully illustrated.


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Important note: The PDF is the most economical edition: 3-hole punch the pages and keep in a binder with tab separators for ease in teaching.


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Part I – Rhythmic Dance with Clapping


Benefits of Rhythmic Dance


Key for Clapping Rhythms


16 Rhythmic Dance Steps


1) Walking

2) Running

3) Marching

4) Galloping

5) Sliding

6) Hopping

7) Jumping

8) Leaping

9) Pedaling

10) Prancing

11) Toe Pointing

12) Skipping

13) Waltz

14) Minuet

15) Schottische

16) Polka


9 Little Dances


Part II – Meditation


Benefits of Meditation


15 Ways to Meditate


1) Children Learn to Meditate by Example

2) Beginning Sitting Meditation

3) Teaching Preschoolers Sitting Meditation

4) Teaching School Age Kids Sitting Meditation

5) Mindfulness Meditation

6) Walking Meditation

7) Teaching a Relaxation Meditation

8) Instant Meditation

9) Teaching a Music Meditation

10) Guided Meditation on Friendliness

11) Sharing Meditation

12) Guided Meditation on Honesty

13) Running Meditation

14) Biking Meditation

15) Dance Meditation in Nature


Part III – Gentle Yoga


Benefits of Gentle Yoga


15 Gentle Moving Yoga Poses


1) The Leaf

2) The Flower

3) The Cricket

4) The Owl

5) The Bird

6) The Squirrel

7) The Chipmunk

8) The Rocker

9) The Seal

10) Salutation Pose

11) Snake Pose

12) The Turtle

13) The Starfish

14) Cat Stretch

15) The Swing


Part IV – Basic 45 Minute Lesson Plan



International editions of Children in Motion are listed here.

Susan Kramer is a graduate of Peabody Institute Preparatory Dance of Johns Hopkins University, a former Jacob’s Pillow dancer, Baltimore Opera Company dancer, Annapolis Civic Ballet dancer, dance specialist, and classical yoga and meditation practitioner, and is the author of the Rhythmic Movement Dance Series of the United States Department of Education Gateway to Educational Materials. She has written more than 20 books for all ages and abilities, with some translations in Dutch, French, German, and Spanish. Susan and her husband, Stan Schaap live in The Netherlands and Santa Barbara.


Website: http://www.susankramer.com

Email: susan@susankramer.com

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