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It's My Way or No Way in Relationships

Experience by Susan Kramer


Saying “it’s my way or no way” does not work in relationships. Relationships require each person’s opinion be considered before reaching a consensus.


Opinions may develop over years of living, and they may overlap easily or negotiation may be in order. This goes for the little things in daily living like meal choices and entertainment options, to the bigger choices of where to live and who pays for what, for example.


If we are set in our ways and have a strong opinion it can be hard to listen to a differing point of view, much less adapt our own.


If we are to get along harmoniously in a close relationship with a partner, we have to be willing to consider the merits of another’s point of view. Having multiple opinions may actually bring up options we had not thought of, but realize would work out for the common good of both.


In order for relationships to thrive in harmony, consideration for the common good of both is needed.


In the end, setting our first opinion aside while considering the other options is what every level of relationship requires.


Developing a more caring and sharing attitude opens our mind to others’ ideas.


I have found that practicing daily meditation calms my mind to the point where I can relax enough to not feel threatened by a different point of view. It is a way to be more successful maintaining the give and take of relationship issues.


Looking for the common good

Needs relationship negotiation.

The calmness of meditation

Opens our mind

To more possibilities.



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It’s My Way or No Way in Relationships; June 1, 2021 copyright © 2021 Susan Kramer; photo of Antwerp train station by Stan Schaap


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