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New Yearís Prayer

We Come to You with Open Heart

Susan Helene Kramer


We come to You with open heart

May we imbibe what You impart

A year rolls out, another begins

A chance to revamp our lives again.


With goodness in mind we set the scene

We know the best is what we mean

To carry out one virtue pure

Align our life till more like Yours.


With daily practice setting our pace

Our chosen virtue gives a taste

Of heaven on earth made manifest

We know this is a worthwhile quest.


For this is why weíve come to earth

To lift ourselves and show our worth

As citizens, humanityís own

Awake in memories of our heavenly home.


Virtue pure we donít forget

Itís what we brought and what we get

Remembering every New Yearís Day

Your love and light shine bright our way.


Prayer by Susan Helene Kramer; photo credit Stan Schaap, traditional New Yearís celebration with fireworks in The Netherlands




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