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Sitting Meditation on Om


2 to 10 minutes.


Sit with crossed legs and a straight back and look straight ahead. Fold your hands together and let them rest in your lap. Close your eyes.


Breathe quietly and evenly, in and out. Count in silence every in and out breath.

Start with breathing in on count one, and finish with breathing out on count 50, or another even number.



Count one: breathe in

Count two: breathe out

Count three: breathe in

Continue quietly counting ...


While breathing evenly, listen to the sound of your breathing. This is for concentration, to help the mind wander less.

If you are very quiet and concentrated you may begin to hear the inner vibration, seemingly generated under the crown of your skull. If you hear this hum like a gently rushing sound of water, begin listening to the vibration rather than to your even in and out breaths.

Listening to your even breathing, or to the inner vibration, calms and centers the body-mind.


A centered body-mind becomes a creative tool in all aspects of living.


~ By Susan Helene Kramer


Copyright 2018 Susan Helene Kramer