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Paul Kaspar - 80th Birthday Party - Aigburth Vale, Towson, Maryland

Photos mostly by Jim and Sharon Levadnuk, Beth Kaspar Hehir, Brian Kaspar, plus some archive photos


1.     February 12, 2017 - Paul Kaspar at his 80th birthday party.

2. December 2, 2017: Update of Paul Kaspar with new dog. Photo by son, Brian.


3. Paul's Birthday Cake:


4. Paul's party - Annika (a friend of Beth's) with Beth Kaspar Hehir.


5. Paul's party: Brian Kaspar, David Kramer, Steven James.


6. L. to R.: Bruce Porter, Joyce Melocik, David Kramer, Muffy James with back to camera, Aunt Pat, David Melocik.

7. Chris James.

8. Francis Kaspar.


9. Grace Hehir (Beth's daughter)


10.  Mary Teresa James (Chris's wife), Merri-Ellen James, Michelle James.


11. Sharon Kramer Levadnuk and Michelle James.


12. L. to R. Joyce Melocik, Muffy James, Fran Kaspar, Aunt Pat.


13.L to R. Megan Davis (daughter of Jennifer, Frans's wife), George Kaspar (son of Fran and Jennifer Kaspar), Annika. 


14. L. to R. Grace Hehir, Laura (wife of Merri-Ellen James) Cole (son of Laura and Merri-Ellen) and Merri-Ellen James


15. Jim and Sharon (Kramer) Levadnuk


16. Mary Teresa James, Merri-Ellen James, Beth Kaspar Hehir.


17. Paul Kaspar and Mary Anne Perry, a childhood friend of Beth who loves our family!


18. Brian Kaspar, Paul Kaspar


Paul's Mom and Aunt:

19. L. to R.: Paul's mother, Helen Melocik Kaspar and Aunt Mary Lenhart, sister of Paul's dad, Frank Kaspar, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the 1960s, perhaps.


Paul's Sisters:

20. Paul's older sister, Jane Frances Kaspar (Kramer), photo from 1965. (1925-1984).

21.  Paul's younger sister, Murnie Kaspar James, (Mary Anne) perhaps 1955. (1939-2014).

More Kaspar family photos

Hoffman and Melocik family photos - Paul Kaspar 80th Birthday Party - beginning of series; add a number from 2 to 70 after pix to access entire series

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