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by Susan Helene Kramer


Bean Recipes


Bean and Vegetable Burger Recipe


Falafel Balls from Sprouted Garbanzo Beans Recipe


Red Kidney Bean Burgers Recipe

Bread Recipes


Rye Bread Recipe - NEW


Sourdough Starter and Bread Recipe - (photo to right)


Main Dishes


California Spanish Rice Recipe


Eggplant Parmigiana Recipe


Pasta Recipes


Egg Pasta Recipe - NEW


Ravioli Recipe with Photos - NEW


Salad Recipes


Fresh California Tomato Salsa Recipe


Guacamole a la California Recipe


Pasta, Bean and Vegetable Salad Recipe


Sweet Recipes


Buchta or Kolache Sweet Holiday Bread Recipe - NEW


Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe - NEW


Grape Jam Recipe


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