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by Susan Helene Kramer


Bean Recipes


Bean and Vegetable Burger Recipe


Falafel Balls from Sprouted Garbanzo Beans Recipe


Red Kidney Bean Burgers Recipe

Bread Recipes


Dumplings Recipe


Rye Bread Recipe


Sourdough Starter and Bread Recipe - (photo to right)


Main Dishes


California Spanish Rice Recipe


Crab Soup Recipe


Eggplant Parmigiana Recipe


Pasta Recipes


Egg Pasta Recipe


Lasagna Recipe


Peanut Marinara Sauce Recipe NEW


Ravioli Recipe with Photos


Salad Recipes


Fresh California Tomato Salsa Recipe


Guacamole a la California Recipe


Pasta, Bean and Vegetable Salad Recipe


How to Make Sweet-Sour Pickles from Cucumbers


Sweet Recipes


Buchta or Kolache Sweet Holiday Bread Recipe


Butter and Sugar Cookies Recipe


Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe


Grape Jam Recipe


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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