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Reflections at Age Seventy

by Susan Helene Kramer


I never imagined myself being seventy years old. It was a distant horizon, like looking at a sunset from a mountain top. But, life catches up with our preconceived imagination, and for me the day just arrived in full realization. Realization that I've lived a long time on earth, filling it with adventures that have compounded over the years.


Early memories of dancing and singing around the living room at three, sparking enrollment in tap and ballet lessons at four, piano lessons at age eight, serious ballet study at Peabody Institute beginning as a preteen, and performing in public during late teens and early twenties. Smoothly edging into hatha yoga, meditation, and eastern philosophy at age thirty.


Culminating in a sharing of what I'd learned in dance and yoga, plus my personal discoveries and development from age thirty six on, through thousands of articles and twenty plus books.


Turning a corner


A big change in my attitude toward others arrived with the gift of grace on my thirtieth birthday while on my first Integral Yoga retreat: I was overcome by a transformation from self-centeredness to a desire to devote my life to nurturing my world family, starting with my children and husband. This change and expansion of consciousness to being part of a world family continues to this day.


I've made good use of the internet. Besides sharing thousands of lesson plans in dance and yoga I continue to lead a daily ten minute worldwide cyber group meditation at 8pm. That is, 8pm on a rolling basis, or everyone's 8pm. As of this time we have over 750,000 people joining in, accumulating back over fifteen years.


Being age seventy is for me a time to listen carefully to the ever-present Holy Spirit Vibration, and as inspired, be still in meditation, or actively meditate through sitting at the computer writing prayers and articles.


My motto continues to be "Just Love All."


I've realized that one can be in the role of a family person, not necessarily a monk, minister, or nun, and grow and expand spiritually.


Reflections by Susan Helene Kramer, December 30, 2016.



Reflections at Age Seventy copyright 2016 Susan Helene Kramer; photo of Susan by Stan Schaap



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