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Remembering Loved Ones in Prayer and Meditation 

Collection by Susan Kramer

Remembering loved ones is easier when we are quiet in reflection, prayer and meditation. These eleven topics are an aid in rousing your memories from the past, with family and friends. A plan for a memorial ceremony is included. Love does not die when a loved one leaves, the bridge between is always there to walk across in memory. 3,365 words.

Publisher - Enterprises

ISBN:  978-1-304-67554-5

Copyright 2013-2018 Susan Kramer
Language: English


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1. Remembering Prayer

2. Loss Is an Opportunity for Spiritual Deepening

3. Grief Relief Prayer and Meditation

4. Comfort Prayer for Strength in Loss

5. Father

6. Mother

7. Prayer and Meditation for Consolation

8. Heal Relationships with Meditation

9. Guided Meditation on Forgiving

10. Interfaith Prayer Celebration

11. Transforming Human Love Into Divine Love


From the collection


Remembering Prayer


The service at the passing of a dear one is an opportunity to reflect and meditate on the importance of loving relationships. 


"Golden days come and gone 

Cherished thoughts still linger on 

Family, friends, those we love

Alive in memories.

Life will guide us, help us learn

Till we, our heavenly home return

But golden times will ever stay alive in memories.

From a little child we grew

Till we realized, till we knew

That those we love live ever on

Alive in memories.

The clock of time has no hold

When our hearts hold only gold

For kindness, caring truly stay

Alive in memories.

In looking back, the winding trail

Holds for each a precious tale

And when our sunset blazes bold, we'll live on

In memories."


About the author - Susan Kramer is an international author of books and more than a thousand articles on dance, ballet, practical spirituality, yoga, meditation, and prayer. She divides her time with her husband in The Netherlands, and Santa Barbara, California.

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