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Rhythms and Dances for School Age Kids 

by Susan Kramer

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Rhythms and Dances for School Agel Kids by Susan Kramer

In 100 pages for grades K - 12, 16 basic rhythmic dance steps, in order of difficulty, are illustrated, described and combined into 9 little dances; 18 sequencing combinations; and 4 more advanced group dances - for kinesthetically learning about basic math, sequencing, and language phrasing and rhythms.

All the basic rhythms are described in detail and illustrated with photos and drawings.

Parts I, II, and III are for elementary and middle school, and Part IV is suitable for high school levels.

Dances can be adapted using a partner or assistant for special needs students.

The large dances in Part IV are also appropriate for adults wanting fun and rhythmic exercise.

Review by GEM - the Gateway to Educational Materials of the United States Department of Education.


100 pages; perfect bound; 8.5 by 11 inch paperback Publishing
ISBN: 978-9080991255


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Part I - 16 Rhythmic Dance Steps with Clapping
1) Walking
2) Running
3) Marching
4) Galloping
5) Sliding
6) Hopping
7) Jumping
8) Leaping
9) Pedaling
10) Prancing
11) Toe Pointing
12) Skipping
13) Waltzing
14) Minuet
15) Schottische
16) Polka
Part II - 9 Little Dances
1) Sliding Dance
2) Marching Dance
3) Skipping Dance
4) Galloping Dance
5) Waltzing Dance
6) Polka Dance
7) Schottische Dance
8) Minuet Dance
9) Waltz and Polka Dance
Part III - 18 ABA and Other Sequencing Combinations
1) March & Slide AB
2) Jump & Hop AB
3) March & Skip AB
4) Run & Gallop AB
5) Waltz & Prance AB
6) Polka & Skip AB
7) Schottische & Leap AB
8) Minuet & Skip AB
9) Waltz, Skip, & Waltz ABA
10) March, Skip, & March ABA
11) Gallop, Slide, & March ABC
12) Polka, Slide, & Prance ABC
13) Waltz, Slide, & Skip; AB, AC
14) Skip, March, & Slide; AB, AC,
15) Polka, Skip, & Waltz; AB, AC
16) Schottische, Skip, & Polka; ABC, AB
17) Minuet, Waltz, & Skip; AB, AC
18) Gallop, March, & Run; AB, AC
Part IV - 4 Large Dances
Numbers of Corners and Walls on a Stage

1) Marching and Galloping Geometric Shape Dance; A,B,C,D Sequence
2) Skipping and Sliding Circle Dance; A,B,C,D, Sequence
3) Waltz and Polka Circle Dance; A,B,C,D, Sequence
4) Minuet, Gallop and Slide Geometric Shape Dance; A,B,C,D,E,F Sequence

About the author - Susan Kramer has been teaching academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965 and maintains a large educational web site at

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