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Rand McNally Road Atlas - Book Review

Susan Helene Kramer


It is unbelievable that so much fine detail can fit into the pages of the Rand McNally Road Atlas. I chose mine off a rack because of the reputation of the name. And it did live up to my expectations.


Even if you are only going to take one road vacation the cost of the road atlas pays for itself in saved time and frustration getting to your destination. We used the atlas to drive from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Barbara, California - then drove east across the USA to Ocean City, Maryland and north-west again to Chicago - all in the space of 3 weeks. The Rand McNally Road Atlas proved worthy of the trip.

Driving along the way my husband the navigator used a yellow highlighter marker to record the road just driven - so that in the future wed have the route all set. This proved invaluable for labeling our photos and creating scrapbooks of this once in a life time journey. No doubts where wed been.


One of the features of the atlas I especially appreciate is the large size of the pages 15.5 by 10.6 inches. The colors of inks used on the maps contrast nicely so that the roads are easy to read. To me it is a miracle that the printing process is so precise as to allow the reader to really find where they are and the best size road to reach a destination.


Rand McNally has included lots of inset maps to detail major cities and the state parks, the latter invaluable for seeing our great land and wilderness areas within the states. I was able to find Yosemite using the atlas and all the areas of interest around it. And to me discovering Mt. Shasta in California from 50 miles away by following the roads on the map was really breathtaking.


The Rand McNally Road Atlas has an index in the back with cities and towns alphabetized under each state and marked with the map vertical and horizontal coordinates. That is invaluable to figuring out the roads to take to your next stop. I like that along the center fold of the pages there is no artificial vertical line drawn to confuse the reader about the continuation of the road.


My recommendation is to do yourself a favor - keep this road atlas at your side for all your driving journeys.


Details of this recent edition: 140 page paperback; Rand McNally Publishing Company; 15.5 by 10.6 inches. ISBN-10 0528006223; ISBN-13 978-0528006227


Rand McNally Road Atlas - available at


Review by Susan Helene Kramer. I bought my own copy and am an associate.

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