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Roseville in Placer County

Susan Helene Kramer


If you are leaving the California coast from San Francisco, and driving east on Rt. 80 through Sacramento, the state capital, about 16 miles beyond you’ll come to the growing town of Roseville. Continuing on Rt. 80 another 100 miles and you’d be in Lake Tahoe, straddling California and Nevada.


Roseville might seem like a suburb of Sacramento, but it is a city all its own with a population of 118,778 in the 2010 United States Census. It is in the Sacramento Valley region of California, against the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is not until you drive toward Lake Tahoe that you reach an elevation of 6,225 feet.


The climate is more like the Pacific coast than the colder mountains to the east, with winter highs going up to 54 degrees and summer reaching 95. Most of the rain comes in winter, which is true for the southern coastal areas of the state, also. To combat the drought of the rest of the year smaller tributaries from rivers pour into the Sacramento River, and canals have been built to irrigate the whole central valley called Sacramento Valley in the north and San Joaquin Valley in the south.


After driving through Sacramento it is with a breath of country air that you reach Roseville, and probably with this in mind people have continued to build up the pleasant town of homes and retail industry. There is a retail economy especially in town, with a large auto mall and outlets contributing to the offerings. And, for the kids there is a water park; something for everyone.


If you are on a long trip, traveling with your family, Roseville is a pretty place to hang your hat and relax for a few hours, or a day or more. Sometimes it is good to unwind for a while in between major destinations, and maybe even check out the many retail malls in town. I considered moving to Roseville at one point, but a Pacific beach won out in the end.


With the drive to Lake Tahoe being another 100 miles, Roseville is a nice place to refuel your car, stomach, and pack your ice chest for the long and scenic drive up into the higher elevations. I love the tall majestic evergreen trees growing along Rt. 80. It reminds me of Christmas time even in the summer.




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Article by Susan Helene Kramer

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