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Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body


Susan Kramer


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Description: Our body becomes sacred when used for the Highest Purpose in thought, word and deed. This volume contains over 100 meditations, prayers, and verses to open your heart to loving fully. Meditations lead us to the bright light within where our greatest love lies. Take the time to find this place for yourself.



Paperback: 35,000 words; 192 pages; 6x9 inch.

PDF is 35,000 words; 125 pages printed on 8.5x11 inch.

EPUB: ISBN:978-1-79487-022-2; 35,000 words; printed 88 pages on 8.5x11 inch.


Key words: spirituality, deep meditation, meditation instruction, Alice’s adventure down the rabbit hole, sacred, sacred body, meditation, meditation for teens, meditation for children, meditation for adults, experiencing spiritual dimensions,


Publisher: Windward House


This is an excerpt from the book content which has over 100 meditations. 35,000 words.


1. Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body

2. Walking Meditation

3. Loss Is an Opportunity for Spiritual Deepening

4. Seeing More by Being Still in Meditation

5. Charity and Being Charitable Meditation

6. A Power Meditation

7. Increase Spiritual Awareness by Meditating

8. Meditate to Develop Compassion and Kindness

9. A Way to Finish Walking and Movement Meditations

10. An Attitude of Pleasure or Drudgery

11. Sliding Into a Deeper Meditation

12. Unnoticeable Meditation for Young Adults

13. Building a Spiritual Canvas Includes Meditation

14. Thinking High Meditation

15. Attitude and Meditation Make a Difference

16. Basic Preparations for Meditation

17. The Greater Light of Meditation

18. Meditation and Verse on Family and Friendship

19. Turning Meditation Inside Out

20. Meditation and Our Multi-Dimensional World

21. The Big Three ˗ Wisdom, Purity, Meditation

22. Power of Prayer and Meditation

23. Basic Om Meditation

24. Collective Morality and Meditation

25. Intuition ˗ Synchronicity ˗ Meditation

26. May Day Meditation and Prayer

27. Mother's Day Meditation

28. Father's Day Meditation and Prayer

1. Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body

Our sacred body: Our body when used for the highest purpose of the moment; our body when used in loving and caring; our body when housing feelings and thoughts of healing and prayer.

Our arms join the sides of our body at the level of our physical heart, symbolizing that it is through the practical application of heart feelings, caring feelings, that our tenderness is shown in the everyday world with family, friends, co-workers, community.

Our sacred body
˗ our body viewed in its wholeness of loving action, therefore Holiness.

All acts we perform, in thought word, deed, emanate from our body. Reaching for our sacredness is the challenge and joy of the moment.

To help live in awareness of our sacred, joyful body:

1. Maintain bodily hygiene through clean diet, clean physical body and clothing, clean surroundings.
2. Hold helpful thoughts, and eliminate harmful thoughts toward others or self.
3. Create a personal atmosphere of positive attitudes which in turn produce their offspring of productive thoughts and actions.
4. Reinforce personal sacredness by acting for the overall best resolve in each situation.
5. Act productively at school, work, or in community service.

Importantly, seep into the inner stillness of quietness regularly through meditation. Deep meditation puts you on the fast track to finding your inner sacred self. As you spend more and more time in meditation, the effects wash through all aspects of your life raising consciousness and quality of living.

In the stillness of meditation
Holding kind and loving thoughts
The inner doorway opens
Revealing your Sacred Heart.


2. Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is different than sitting meditation, but both have the benefit of relaxing the body, and freshening your attitude, and that improves yourself and stretches out to the world, little by little, one by one.

Pick a path that will cover at least 10 minutes walking. This gives you time to unwind and get into a regular rhythm.

Before you begin make sure you’ve visited the rest room and gotten a drink and maybe a snack. Carry a piece of juicy fruit with you in a small daypack if you think you’ll need it, as well as an extra layer of clothing if you’ll be out for a time. Remember sunscreen and a shade hat.

Now that you’re physically prepared here is how to walk: Let your arms swing in opposition to your legs, which means when you step forward with your right foot, you swing your left arm forward, and vice versa.

Breathe in a regular and rhythmic pattern, which could be taking two steps while breathing in, and taking two steps while breathing out. As you begin your walking meditation you will probably spend a minute coordinating your breathing with walking but after that it will become automatic.

After the first minute adjusting to the rhythmic walking take time to send out thoughts of love and peace to the creation. Let your love spiral further afield with each step till you feel a part of the universal workings. You are a necessary cog in the wheel of life, everyone has a place and purpose on earth and in the whole world, too.

Take a few minutes to appreciate life, and having the opportunity to get outdoors and walk. When I worked on a school campus sometimes I would walk on the outer sidewalk during lunch. I may have been tired when I began but I would come back invigorated.

Before concluding your walking meditation say some silent appreciation for the good in your life. Plan how you can improve yourself and help others. Kindness improves both yourself and others. So just showing care as you go through the day keeps you happy and might give others a smile.

When you come to the end of the trail, take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Take the peace you’ve been enjoying into the rest of the day.


3. Loss Is an Opportunity for Spiritual Deepening

When events don't go as we wish or we lose a loved one we have no choice but to eventually, after grieving, sit back and ask ourselves how we can fill the gap in our lives.

Fortifying our spiritual connection with the provider of our gifts and loved ones gives them back to us on a deeper and more universal level.

When the tides in our life flow out, they come back stronger with renewed energy. When a loved one moves away to a distant location or leaves for their heavenly home we can reinforce the spiritual ties between us that forever bind us to one another. This is possible by quietly, silently meditating.

Meditation forms a bridge for us to walk upon back and forth between the physical, mental and spiritual worlds.

When feeling lonely, sit in your favorite meditation spot, close your eyes, begin to breathe evenly. Rhythmic breathing is the link between body, mind and emotions - calming all aspects of ourselves. During this period our grief lies at rest and calm reigns as if we are sleeping. But, in meditation, even though our body and emotions may be sleeping, our mind remains awake and alert. Hence we get a much needed rest from our perceived loss.

In deep meditation we get even more than deep rest - we begin to feel the peace that passeth all understanding, our deep spiritual peace and connection with what is eternal and can never be separated from us.

When we come back to being active after quiet meditation we retain that spiritual peace for a period of time. The more often and regularly we meditate, the more easily we can get into that peaceful state in our regular daily lives. It is practical spirituality, useful in our day to day world.

No one escapes trying situations and the displacement and loss of loved ones on the physical plane. But, everyone can enjoy the unsurpassed peace that meditation affords. It is our direct route to uncovering and recapturing our roots in eternal spirit.

After grieving a loss, little by little take time to sit in meditation and go deeply into your spiritual peace. Think of your dear ones with love and enjoy the fullness of spirit permeating your resting body, heart, emotions and mind.


4. Seeing More by Being Still in Meditation

A memory: One night as I was standing on the lawn and looking toward the stars, my vision became so fixed and concentrated for a moment, that I felt a direct opening to infinity in my outer and inner sight. It was as if I were at the center of the universe, and at the same time as big as the universe.

This was my first experience in feeling completely present in the here and now, and because I was not thinking of the past or the future, I felt the infinite full feeling of a single moment in time.

Usually my life is like when I am on a speeding train, and when looking straight out the window see nothing but a blur of images.

But if I stay in the single moment experience in each ever-new moment, I instead see life as if the train were stopped, revealing the whole panorama of images around me.

In daily living I enjoy every moment more fully by staying relaxed in my body and feeling relaxed internally in my attitudes and thoughts.

Yes, life does speed along as the train running down the track, but within my own being I remain relaxed. This is a relaxation that is not from being lazy, rather, I feel even more fully energized and concentrated on what I want to do in the moment.

Time as Liquid Silver
Given quality
Brightened capacity
Flows through our lives
As liquid silver.
Liquid silver -
Valuable, held dear, expanding,
Ever expanding.

Meditation gives that pause in its stillness - the time to really go on a journey within into the vastness, flowing as if in a stream of liquid silver.

Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace. One hour may by 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable - liquid silver - by increasing the quality we put into 60 minutes.

All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver if we always act from our highest consciousness. Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade, viewing our time as precious silver; or downgrade, viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

The inner doorway opens
Revealing your Sacred Heart.


5. Charity and Being Charitable Meditation

Charity can be applied to giving material goods or having a charitable attitude. Usually giving things to an organization known as a charity means we are recycling what we have - or giving some of our money for a worthwhile cause.

A charitable attitude can be nurtured by seeing the best in others’ motives and deeds - even when the consensus is against them. An example would be feeling charitable when we see someone taking what we consider more than their fair share of cookies off the plate. We know most people would see that as hogging the cookies, but a charitable attitude would think that perhaps they missed a meal and are hungry.

Charity does begin at home - we get lots of practice being charitable when we are around the same group of people often. The home ground is our training ground in learning how to live compatibly and harmoniously with others - in fact how to act so we will feel happy ourselves.

Here is a meditation to reflect on substituting a charitable attitude for judgment

Begin by choosing a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. Ideas include a corner of your bedroom, a space in the attic or out on a patio in your garden. Sit up straight and close your eyes. Fold your hands in your lap. Take time to establish an even breathing pattern such as one count to breathe in and one count to breathe out. Continue this rhythm throughout your meditation.

Spend a minute following your breath. This is to calm body, mind, emotions. Even breathing does all that. When you are feeling centered and still, turn your thoughts to charity. What practical ways can you use a charitable attitude in your daily routine? Could you concentrate on one person at a time and really make a concerted effort to be kind in your thoughts and actions with them?

Now take a moment to send one person charitable thoughts. Even while you are thinking about this project notice that you feel better just adopting a positive attitude. Notice that kind and charitable thoughts leave you peaceful and relaxed.

End your meditation by taking a deep breath and slowly releasing it. Open your eyes and stretch out. Go forward with a charitable attitude and make someone’s day brighter while becoming lighter and brighter yourself.


6. A Power Meditation

Power meditation is a brief interlude - seconds to a minute - to regroup your energy and go forward recharged. It is like pausing at a fork in the road then making the choice to choose the path for the better.

Power meditation, though quickly done, restores harmony to the moment.

Power meditation is like coming upon a clearing in the woods that is bathed in sunlight, erasing a negative train of thought, exposing just the insight needed to solve the problem of the moment.

Power meditation is especially useful during a busy day away from home - no one need know you are doing it.

Here's how to do a power meditation -

If appropriate for your location close your eyes. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Then begin regular rhythmic breathing such as one count to inhale, and one count to exhale. Continue for up to a minute or more while observing your breathing pattern.

What this does is completely change the energy of the moment, harmonizing body, mind and emotion. That is what makes it a power meditation. A little bit of effort produces a great deal of harmony.

Go forward from this power meditation using ideas that come to mind while recharged. Later when you have privacy, sit for a longer meditation and slip into a reflective state to analyze bigger issues. Then sit quietly and think of an appreciation for any insight that has come to mind. Take time to send loving and caring thoughts to family, community and the whole world and beyond.

We are part of a universal family. Our personal efforts toward peace and harmony stretch out from us to everyone and everything.

Power meditation -
Moments rebalancing our energy
Body, mind, emotion
Synchronized once again
Doorways opening within
Solutions flooding our path
In the light of harmony.


7. Increase Spiritual Awareness by Meditating

Spiritual awareness and the joy it imparts are not separate aspects of daily living. It makes an appearance every moment that we live for the highest resolve of the situation at that moment.

Spiritual realization dawns each time we act toward those in our daily life with care, comfort, kindness. It is not found in the achievement of an outer goal, such as earning money, or prestige in a career.

Spiritual realization is first felt in deep meditation as harmony; our physical body relaxed and free of dis-ease; our mind calm, balanced, centered, without want of outer achievements.

We live in the world as body, mind, emotion, powered and nurtured from the 'Spirit of Unconditional Love' that is beyond the temporal. And when we live each new moment here on earth with unconditional love, by acting for the good of each moment's event, we align ourselves with our own soul, our permanent self of love, that transcends time, place, space, condition.

Meditation gives us the time to contemplate how to love unconditionally. Perhaps this is the state of being expressed in the Holy Bible in the Book of Revelation. The sequence of gates to forge through being an analogy of the chakras represented in our bodily spine. Symbols of our upward path to full spiritual awareness of the permanent Self of who we really are.

We live in the world, but our Source and our permanent reality transcend the number of years we live on this planet. Are we not here to grow in awareness that it is while in the radiance we feel while loving unconditionally, that we are experiencing our everlasting and permanent Self?

Today it is possible to experience wholeness, holiness, even while living in this temporal world by meditating deeply, and making each act a caring one; enjoying the ensuing harmony felt in body and mind.

Emotions of caring love
Opening us wide
To the experience of universal love
Transcendental love.


8. Meditate to Develop Compassion and Kindness

Catastrophic natural disasters, including tsunamis, hurricanes or cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding and more have been and continue to be opportunities for us to rise above self-centeredness - realizing our stance as cousins, one and all, in the world family. They are an opportunity to develop compassion and kindness.

Compassion is feeling what needs to be done, and acting on it with kindness.

And as we would act for our nuclear family, we are learning to stretch our embrace around our world family with kind acts through compassion.

Events have been so catastrophic to so many of us in the world family that we have been almost forced to reach out to unknown neighbors and world citizens for help. And in turn, those of us able to give our time and energy and resources have turned from indulging in small self-centered satisfactions to extending kindness toward the larger need.

I see our little bit of time on earth as a testing ground. We arrive through birth, and dependent on others, strive to survive. And as we grow into adulthood we learn how to become self-sufficient, and then extend ourselves through family responsibilities to care for our self and others.

But in the overall planetary plan small family service is not enough outreach - we must grow to see how we are cousins to everyone on our planet, and in that light feel the greater need and act for that need with compassion; with kindness.

As we zoom off from the landing pad of our home called Earth, more and more in the years to come, we will say to other-planetary beings: "My home is earth. I'm from planet Earth." We won't be saying "I'm from a small village in Holland." We will represent ourselves as part of a world family.

Let's take the present opportunities to meditate deeply on our world-wide family role, and grow in kindness through showing compassion, so that we truly feel like we are part of the great world family, the Earth family.

With compassion, kindness
Hand and hand
We carry forth
A master plan
Of caring, sharing
Heartfelt giving -
It's how we feel
More joy in living.


9. A Way to Finish Walking and Movement Meditations

After spending time in a walking or other movement meditation, the time comes to finish by taking a deep inhalation and exhalation.

Then take a minute to sit still and listen to the inner sound within your body.

To facilitate this last period of meditation repeat your mantra in your mind. You don't need to speak the mantra, but clearly think the sounds. If you need a suggestion for your mantra pick a short word or phrase from your religion that is uplifting to you.

If you are not religious, use a universal sound mantra such as Ommmm - stretching out the ending as I've written it here. Another choice could be Peace - also stretching out the 's' sound at the end. Coordinate your inhalations and exhalations with the mantra to set up an even rhythm.

After mentally saying your mantra for a minute, more or less, try listening for the inner vibration of your mantra. You may hear it as centered under the crown of your head. At this point continue sitting quietly and listen to the streaming sound that is similar to the rush of wind or a running brook.

Stick with the mantra vibration as long as you can. If you lose it, begin saying your mantra once again mentally until the inner vibration or sound returns.

The energy supporting your mantra is also the energy supporting all in the manifested world. Science has shown that all atoms are in constant motion and as objects are made up of atoms, every object is vibrating, no matter that we don't see this with our eyes, it is still happening on a magnified level. For example, put a leaf under the microscope and you'll see movement that you don't see with your naked eye.

After finishing your quiet time with your mantra, while sitting after a moving meditation, send thoughts of connection out to the universe with the wish of personal and planetary peace for all.


10. An Attitude of Pleasure or Drudgery

How we view a chore makes it seem pleasurable or drudgery.

For example, if a mother views the repetitive tasks of childcare as drudgery, she could fall into feeling sorry for herself, and in turn her energy level will drop, making her tasks even more of a chore.

On the other hand, if the mother views the repetitive tasks of childcare as keeping her family and home well cared for, she will retain a light-hearted attitude, perhaps even singing while working and sailing through the work.

Work is made a drudgery or pleasure by our attitude. If dwelling in an attitude of drudgery, we have the choice to change our attitude to caring, instantly feeling the flush of pleasure energize our body.

It may be hard to think that drudgery could be pleasurable, but even seeing a task as one or the other is an attitude. We can choose for pleasure at any instant.

To get from an attitude of drudgery to pleasure, view the task as something that just needs being done, without seeing it as an emotional attachment. It is like standing back in the peaceful part of your mind and looking out while completing the task. In that way, personal peace is preserved.

The instant reward for nurturing an attitude of caring is feeling energized bodily, and peaceful or uplifting thoughts.

I came to this realization of attitude forming my feeling of peace and well-being quite suddenly. While my children were still small and I was feeling overwhelmed with the incurred repetitive tasks, I was able to get away for a weekend meditation retreat.

Just the act of sitting quietly in meditation broke the cycle of the dizzying rushing around I was doing.

Then the first evening of the retreat I listened to a lecture on the transformation an attitude of caring can have on bringing in a stream of charged energy.

In retrospect, I must have been like a ripened fruit because I fell off the tree and left the attitude of drudgery and being stuck in that attitude far behind as I rolled away into expansive freedom. I am forever grateful for the transformation of attitude that allowed pleasure and happiness, from within, to sustain my life thereafter.

Regular quiet time in meditation is a way to reflect on the source of attitude, and choose caring over feeling drudgery.


11. Sliding Into a Deeper Meditation

As you begin to lengthen the time you meditate your experience of peace goes deeper. For example, if you are used to doing a power meditation for one minute you will experience an instant calmness, but you may end up becoming very active again shortly.

Moving into five minutes from one minute meditations is when there can be more permanent lasting effects for your outlook over all the day.

It is like practicing the piano. If you spend two minutes a day practicing you will have some forward advancement and satisfaction, but oh so much more benefit comes from a regular longer practice session.

One way to begin to accumulate minutes of meditation benefit is to have several shorter meditations a day. Morning, noon and evening are three traditional times to meditate. And, when you add up the minutes by including more than one session a day, just like practicing a musical instrument longer, you mold yourself into a harmonious pattern of thinking and living.

Meditation is a means to an end. Through repeatedly stilling your mind, your body and emotions also calm down and coordinate beautifully, so you can reap the greatest benefit as a human - embody the best qualities.

To go from meditating one minute to five or ten minutes requires some planning. Prepare a place in your living space dedicated to meditation, or that you can easily make ready for your session. Such as - store a meditation cushion under your bed or on a shelf, and place it next to your bed when it is time to sit.

If you like candles and incense they can be lined up on the back of your dresser and brought forward at meditation time. Even with a permanent altar arrangement, I keep several inspirational articles on my dresser, so that anytime I walk by I can remind myself to think high.

Increasing to longer meditations at each session gives you time to more deeply delve into the recesses of your mind - both to find solutions to problems by peeling back thought upon thought, and to enjoy a greater experience of grace, peace, and harmony in the very minutes of meditation, and the rest of the day.


12. Unnoticeable Meditation for Young Adults

An unnoticeable meditation practice is possible anywhere at any time, without anyone knowing what you are doing.

This technique brings balance into the body-mind: If angry or upset begin to practice the even breathing; it calms - just begin to breathe in and breathe out regularly. Listen to the breaths if it is quiet, but most importantly inhale and exhale evenly.

If feeling anxious at school or anywhere practice a few sets of the even breathing. Always remember in any meditation - do not hold your breath either after the inhalations or exhalations.

If you have the opportunity, take a walk while evenly breathing in and out; swinging your arms back and forth in opposition. That means, when your right foot steps forward, your left arm swings forward. I use this practice myself each day when out for a long walk along the canals in my city.

And, biking, running, and swimming are additional invigorating opportunities for reflection; meditation. These moving exercises all need increased oxygen, and when you breathe deeply and evenly you pull in oxygen and breathe out waste products like carbon dioxide.

It is interesting to note that our carbon dioxide is what plants breathe in to grow; one more example of how humans and the natural world are interdependent upon each other.

An active meditation, where there is no way to do multi-tasking, gives you a chance to clear your mind and make space for solving issues.

Walking between classes at school, while concentrating on even breathing, may be just the amount of time you need to solve a minor problem. And no one is seeing how you are making use of your time. A walk gives a change of scene, and makes us let loose of the emotional feelings that may be keeping us from seeing the facts that are really right in front of us.

13. Building a Spiritual Canvas Includes Meditation

At our beginning on earth we come as pure, clean canvasses. As our own artist, we fill up our canvas with impressions from living. Some impressions we retain because they are beautiful to the inner eye, our conscience. Ideally, other aspects we refine until the entire canvas is a completely balanced, beautiful, inspiring masterpiece.

The blank canvas was clear, but by our good deeds and expanded consciousness the completed masterpiece is radiant.

Two Steps

The Golden Rule: Treat others as we would like to be treated. This means to harm no one by words, deeds, or even thoughts. Thought vibrations travel between us over unseen pathways, as the law of this universe is that for every action there is a comparable reaction. When we initiate good acts, our reward is that good experiences happen to us.

Initiate an evil or negative thought, word, or deed, and the reward will bounce back as an unhappy or painful event. Like for like. In this light, if we keep a positive attitude and help as opportunity arises, we will feel good in the moment and set the stage for further positive happenings.

2. Meditation: A still body helps quiet our mind. In the quiet of meditation we come to observe an inner vibration apart from our physical sense of hearing, and apart from our thoughts. Tuning in to this always present, constant, self-sustaining vibration calms us even more.

The peace attained by observing this inner sound allows our mind to become very calm. Then we are able to listen to our inner voice of conscience which knows right from wrong, and what is for the highest good of all concerned in our present dilemma.

By following the golden rule and meditating, we set the stage for our balanced development, and add to the beauty of the masterpiece of our lives that we are creating.

Why do we visit earth?
As immortal souls we enter these bodies
Filled with vibrant energy
Growing in lovingness
Experiencing our harmonious place in creation.
Then, sliding out
We rejoin our Creator-Sustainer once again
Matured, enriched
Able to enjoy the fullness of our eternal home
We ventured from as babes.


14. Thinking High Meditation

I've often heard it said to think high. On the spiritual path it applies to holding our best thoughts close at hand when we have to make decisions and hard choices.

We benefit the most when we think high in any situation. In a general sense what this means is take the time to plan and do what hurts no one, including yourself, and at the same time benefits all involved.

Meditation is a way to raise the vibration or quality of your thoughts so that when out in the world you spontaneously do what is best - easily think and act high.

Take time to develop a high and clear way of thinking by engaging in regular meditation, whether once or three times a day. The more and longer you meditate, the more refined your thinking process becomes.

Meditation to Raise Your Thoughts

Choose a place where it is quiet and you won't be disturbed. Prepare yourself to think high by washing and putting on clean and comfortable clothes. Have a blanket handy to wrap around your shoulders if you have a tendency to cool down while sitting still.

Sit with your back upright. If on a cushion on the floor fold your legs in. If on a chair, place the soles of your feet firmly on the floor to maintain balance. Hold your hands in your lap, or place palms up or palms down on your thighs.

Close your eyes. Begin even and regular breathing, such as one count to inhale, and one count to exhale - continue on like this throughout your meditation.

While settled and breathing rhythmically turn your thoughts to a virtue that you wish to emulate. Any will do. Practicing virtues keep you thinking high and carries over later into your regular day.

For later, remember your virtue often and fall back on it when you start to feel stress. Stress is increased when we don't know what course of action to take. A clear mind, thinking high, sends stress running, evens it out, lets it dissipate.

Finish your meditation with a deep inhalation and exhalation. Open your eyes, stretch out, and continue with your day, thinking high, acting for the common good.


15. Attitude and Meditation Make a Difference

When we keep a positive attitude and meditate regularly, we are more likely to see good solutions.

A simple chore is boring to some and joyful to others. How can this be? The action performed is the same. The difference lies in one's attitude.

When performing actions with only thoughts of how we alone will benefit, we don't find lasting peace, contentment, happiness. Self-centeredness causes our mind to continually think of ways to please itself. No feelings of joy are felt because the whims of the mind preoccupy our time.

A caring attitude with those around us brings up our heart feelings, as a warmness we feel in our body, and in our uplifted, expanded attitude.

When we perform our daily work with the attitude of caring, we feel good. The attitude of caring draws energy into our body. The more caring we become, building up our level of happiness, the more we see the wisdom of our positive actions.

Meditation is the quiet time we spend with our permanent self. It is an attitude of being open to self-improvement. The more we meditate, the more comfortable we become with our eternal self and role in the universe, improving relations with all.

In deep meditation we forget for a while that we are occupying a physical body while on earth - we get to break free and enjoy eternal bliss right at the moment.

After a period of time, the feeling of bliss creeps out from meditation and stays with us. That is the wonderful blessing of meditation.

Meditation to us imparts
Bliss seeping up
From deep in our heart.

16. Basic Preparations for Meditation

Are you getting ready to meditate?

Here are a few preparations to give you a better experience:

Choose a quiet location where you will not be disturbed. I think that is the number one priority. Meditation time is traveling within your mind to its most radiant depths with its own sounds and sights along the way.

Prepare your body for meditation. Internally, refrain from food and drink for an hour before beginning your session, so that your energy is not being directed to your digestive system during meditation time.

Take a few minutes to clean your body and put on fresh comfortable clothes. Fresh clothes are an outer help to matching up with a new experience to come, as each meditation is. A clean body is symbolic of removing impurities before meeting the radiance of your soul.

Give yourself some time to sink into your meditation experience. Having some inspiring readings within reach to read put you in a positive frame of mind. For example, choose spiritual biographies, uplifting poetry, commentaries on virtue, prayers, devotions, holy books.

Bring an open mind to your meditation time. If you have a problem you wish to reflect upon it is not productive to think there is only one resolve - your resolve. When you walk on the journey within you may see other solutions or options that were hidden behind walls of ignorance.

Meditation is an open space with no horizon or wall blocking currently unknown options.

Give yourself plenty of time to reflect on the results of your meditation session, by writing your new insights in a journal for review.

After your meditation carry new information and new-found peace into your daily life. Integrate insights.

Meditation is a process of finding that you are a much deeper person than can be seen with the naked eye, much deeper than opinions about yourself or others. Meditation is a gift to yourself where you find you can stretch way out, and enjoy an unlimited presence in the world.


17. The Greater Light of Meditation

We swim in the waters of life with self-effort, until we are exhausted, then peacefully float to the surface, radiating love from the Greater Light.

And before we permanently radiate light of love, we get to experience a little bit of glory through deep meditation.

When we are deeply immersed in meditation the waves of worry in our mind calm down and nearly subside. Thoughts become quieter as our body stills itself. For example, we don't see a sleeping person jump up and act wildly during a dream, because their body has calmed down so much they can't move - this is a safeguard mother nature has built in so we don't try to physically act out our dreams.

It is wonderful that we have meditation to calm us when stressed. What a gift to have a natural and ever-present means to reclaim peace.

But it is up to us to practice meditation over and over, deeper and deeper, until one day the body seems to disappear from our consciousness during meditation, and bliss fills our mind. The closest I can describe what losing body consciousness feels like is the sensation of being still in the water and letting it support all our weight.

When this state of losing body consciousness, while remaining mentally awake is reached, it is possible to sit in meditation a very long time. It is not true that there is no gain without pain. This is one instance when there is the joy of bliss with no uncomfortable bodily feelings.

Eventually our bodily awareness returns, and gradually we come back to our regular day. Then it is up to us to take this profound bliss into the world to make it a better place to be.

One of the gains of this experience is that it lasts for a time, and when we go back to our usual life in a calm, but radiant way, we see more easily the resolves to problems we may have been stewing over.

Meditation is a win - win practice. We personally gain peace and radiance, and all those whose lives we touch are affected in an uplifted manner.


18. Meditation and Verse on Family and Friendship

This meditation is for reflection and feeling grateful for our family and friends.

Those closest to our heart are like mirrors for us. They see us at our best and worst, and comfort and advise as needed - whether we want it or not. Family and friends show us we are each threads in the web that makes up our world-wide family.

Begin your meditation by choosing a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. Sit on a cushion on the floor, or on a straight-back chair. If on the floor bend your legs in.

If on a chair, plant the soles of your feet firmly on the floor to maintain balance. Sit with your back straight and fold your hands in your lap, or place them palms up or palms down on your thighs. Close your eyes.

Begin even, regular breathing, such as one count to inhale, and one count to exhale. Keep up this pattern throughout your meditation.

Turn your thoughts to gratefulness for your friends and family. Think about those who are most important to you. Send them caring and loving thoughts. Think how you can form a stronger circle of caring with each - the more energy we share, the more joy comes back to us.

Close your meditation by taking a deep inhalation and slowly exhaling. Open your eyes, stretch out, think with gratefulness for the family and friends in your life, and enjoy the warm feelings of connection.

Reflections on Family and Friendship
"What good are friends if they're not as family?

True friends stick through thick and thin.
Friends lend an ear before speaking.
Friends sometimes stand in the background,
Watching our steps, ready to catch.
True friends wish us the best from near or far
Seen or unseen in daily lives.
Family and friends form a cozy nest
And beyond measure are treasures
We consider the best.


19. Turning Meditation Inside Out

We turn meditation inside out when we put new insights into action - ideas and instructions gained while contemplating deeply.

Meditation is useful in daily life for more than becoming spiritually attuned, although that is a supreme reward. Along the way to discovering the Supreme, we can gain answers to the most mundane situations and other problems, through the time of quiet reflection in meditation.

First sit quietly, close your eyes and say an appreciation or prayer. Then mentally ask for what you need, and be still while waiting for the response. While waiting, breathe evenly such as one count to inhale and one count to exhale. Continue this rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation.

When your body has calmed and stilled and you are feeling peaceful, the swirling mind can reach your waking and waiting consciousness with the answers you are seeking.

Sometimes those answers may not be what we want to hear, especially if they are seemingly difficult. Nevertheless, don't resist the thoughts. Allow them to settle in your mind as possibilities, and later maybe as probabilities.

To conclude your session, take time for a few wishes for world peace, then inhale deeply, and slowly exhale. Open your eyes and stretch out. Keep your journal next to your meditation place, and while the insights are fresh record them.

As you go on with your day put these new ideas into practice in a gradual way, let them become part of your present reality.


20. Meditation and Our Multi-Dimensional World

We know about the plants and animals, animate and inanimate. But there are unseen dimensions accessible in meditation to help us solve problems and gain insight.

Unless we spend time in deep meditation we may never be able to make use of the expanded dimensions. Meditation allows us to go deeper into our thoughts, than we might while awake and doing work or chores. In meditation we stabilize the body and peel back the layers of mind by asking questions and reviewing thoughts that come to mind. Then we continue to repeat this asking and receiving process for as long as possible.

It is handy to keep a journal alongside you while meditating, so you can quickly write out new insights and ideas. It is similar to writing out a dream when first waking up, but the insights from deep meditation are very logical and not symbolic. You really see the path to tread to get to your goal. It is cause and effect in full force.

Whenever I am faced with a dilemma I sit in meditation and contemplate the situation asking for new ideas to come to mind. While waiting for the information to come to me I listen to the Holy Spirit vibration, also called the Om, Holy Naam, and other names. In this way I am emptying my judgmental mind and creating space to view new ideas and information.

Practice makes perfect in meditation as in any endeavor. Diligent practice sitting and listening to the celestial sounds breaks attachment to the idea there are just the earthly dimensions for our use.

We are opened to the sight of a vast array of scenarios and options in the space where there are no horizons holding us back.


21. The Big Three - Wisdom, Purity, Meditation

Develop wisdom and meditate to purify actions for highest happiness. Wisdom provides a wise dome. The dome covers us with a shield against wrong action. When wisdom is achieved, the right easeful way seems the natural way.

Wisdom comes from making the effort to learn from every action. If we analyze and apply these lessons in succeeding times, a best choice comes more easily. Experience, analysis, right deduction: Wisdom.

A way to project wisdom right now is to have caring feelings for all people and the creation. When we act from our heart, we do what is best for all. When our mind is clouded by selfishness we cannot make the best decision. When we act from lovingness we are doing only good.

Ultimately we attain and begin living in wisdom, our lives becoming easeful, peaceful, useful, and happy. When we realize this happiness we are realizing our immortal soul.

Happiness is a quality unaffected by time, place, or circumstance. Happiness is always with us, and felt when we act in harmony with our fellow humans and all creation.

Purity is another quality that contributes to creating a beautiful masterpiece of our soul. Purity is the highest level of consciousness we can realize. It is the eternal essence of each atom of us and the universe.

Living purely maintains our peaceful mind.

When a cut glass crystal is squeaky clean, sun light shining through reflects out perfectly. When our mind is cleaned and purified by right living and meditation, the divine light reflects out perfectly. The divine light serves as a beacon and model to all.

As a lighthouse beacon shows ships the way to safety from a turbulent ocean storm, so the divine light shining from the pure person guides and points the way for others that they may come home safely to their full soul awareness, full soul development.

Being conscious that everything we think and do has an effect should spark us to aim for inner purity if we want to realize our easeful, peaceful Self, our soul in its fullness.

Pure of heart
Clear of mind
Life is calm
All is fine.


22. Power of Prayer and Meditation

Prayer power: Our request going out on the energy of sincerity, therefore returning in a sincere answer for the best resolve.

It is a scientific maxim that energy put out returns in kind, so we can rely on our heartfelt prayers to be answered. The power of prayer is like hitting a punching ball. We send out the punch of our plea, and the ball returns to us in quiet meditation, as an increase in our insight in how to handle the situation.

It is up to us to put the insight received from our prayers and meditation into action, even if we would rather do something different.

Prayer is powerful, a concentration of energy. Prayer is effective in every area of life, whether at work, play, or in family or friendship relationships. Prayer power fuels the energy to get the job done.

Prayer is an uplifting of our thoughts into a marriage with our spirit. It stretches us heavenward into our unlimited internal and eternal insight of Self. Conditions in our life that seem unbearable and unsolvable, resolve themselves when we incorporate the concentrated punch, the concentrated power of prayer into our tools for living most effectively and efficiently.

Prayer power remolds understandings and uplifts the lives of ourselves and others. I have found that whether at work or at home, prayer, as a sincere request turned inward provides the fastest and most effective method of insight to solve a problem for myself or to aid another.

And prayer, spoken in our mind, requires only concentration and intention for the best resolve. Therefore, its power can be harnessed privately in any situation we find ourselves.

Prayer power is for our use in all aspects of living. Prayer is the most effective use of our will and desire for betterment. Prayer's powerful punch of energy aligns and realigns ourselves and our loved ones for the best when needed the most.

After praying, be quietly receptive in a few minutes of meditation, while awaiting direction for action from within.

Power of Prayer and Meditation -
Our request going out on the energy of sincerity
Returning in a sincere answer for the best resolve.
Thoughts held lovingly are a prayer in themselves
Energizing us for action for the higher good
Producing the most joy and happiness
In our world.

23. Basic Om Meditation

Meditating on Om, also called Aum, the Holy Spirit, Amen, Naam, or more names, is a universal experience, no matter what word or expressions is used.

Meditation on Om takes us deep within our spiritual nature, to a place of harmony and joy. The more we do this practice, the more often we are able to bring its benefits into daily life.

Sitting Meditation

It's best to meditate before eating rather than after, so your body is not newly digesting, just as you are trying to quiet it down.

Find a quiet and private place where you will not be disturbed. For this meditation there should be silence around you - no music, other noise, or visual stimuli in the background.

Sit up straight on a cushion on the floor and bend your legs in. Or sit up straight on a chair with the soles of your feet firmly planted on the floor for balance. Fold your hands in your lap or place them palms up or palms down on your thighs.

Be still and gently close your eyes. Let your breathing work into a regular pattern, such as one count to inhale, and one count to exhale. Continue this even rhythm throughout your meditation, without actually saying or thinking the numbers. After a minute of this even breathing turn your attention to mentally repeating Om or another of the forms on the in breath, and Om on the out breath. If using a word with more than one syllable divide the words between the complete in and out breath.

Focus your attention on the sound of Om.

After sitting in silence for a period of time you may hear the inner sound of Om. Turn your attention to this vibration, also known as the holy vibration. The holy vibration is ever with you through all the ups and downs in life if you can quiet your mind and concentrate on Om. It is also known as the Holy Comforter for the reason that it is there during grief and down times. In this way we are not abandoned on this earth in our physical bodies. Rather, we always can have the contact and comfort of Om, the Holy Spirit, to fall back on. Nurture this practice. Concentrate and pull it to you for the harmony you will feel.

After a period of stillness and quiet come back to your active self by taking a deep inhalation and slowly releasing it. Open your eyes and stretch out.

In closing, I would like to share this quote by the famous spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda:
"The holy vibration is the link between matter and Spirit. Meditation on Aum is the way to realize the true Spirit-essence of all creation. By inwardly following the sound of Pranava to its source, the yogi's consciousness is carried aloft to God."

Take the peace and harmony gained from meditation into your waking life.


24. Collective Morality and Meditation

Collectively we set the tone and tenor of humanity. Each of us together form one world family as one world consciousness. How we each act reflects upon one another, as all we do is interwoven into the tapestry of the whole.

If each one maintains a high level of morality, an example is set for those we come into contact with. We become a bright and positive beacon by our enlightened example.

When we maintain a high standard of morality, we contribute to setting a positive atmosphere. We spend the better part of most days out in the world, giving us the perfect chance to make that positive change.

Morality is the outcome of living for what is best for the situation, moment after moment. Morality keeps us from asserting our self-centeredness to the extent that we think only about our pleasure, without regard to the consequence to others. Morality is purity in action. The highest morality is living with a positive attitude that translates into caring actions for others. It is keeping ourselves within the purity of saying and acting on the highest truth we are aware of in the moment.

There is the ultimate Truth that we as a soul strive toward, and there is the level of truth we are aware of right now. Morality is the present moment's truth striving toward the ultimate Truth, acting so that the way is not blocked from view. The collective morality is made from the moral fiber of each of us, woven into an exquisite pattern of humanity through maintaining our highest standards.

Meditation practice is our way to clear out negative thoughts, sink into the ultimate Truth, refine our minds so that we feel fine, and collectively our world is fine.

25. Intuition - Synchronicity - Meditation

We may have a strong suspicion, an intuition, that as beings of love and intelligence, we must have manifested from a Creator of even greater love and intellect. And, synchronicity is a harmonious flow of events from intuition, unhindered by small ego-centered, self-centered limitations.

Intuition leads us to finding expression in the flow of synchronistic events, allows our curiosity to manifest, while we discover what is going on within and around us. It is growth from the inside out.

Living and growing from trial and error we gain insight, wisdom, and depth of understanding. Our life travels lead us beyond preconceived horizons, allowing intuition - inborn knowledge - its full expansion by coming to know who we are, and all that life can be. Through actions born of unconditional love, we find the completeness and permanence in love that we seek as the outpouring of our soul, as the quality of our soul.

It is limited thinking that keeps our lives repetitive and boring. Expansive intuitive creative thinking makes use of our vitality, which is a limitless source of energy, available to us when we have positive attitudes and thoughts. As vital energy flows through us our mental barriers seem to melt away, allowing us to experience the expanse of our limitless soul. We come to know ourselves, our soul, as expanded joyfulness.

Our mind can be trained to use its inborn intuitive faculty, promoting the flow of synchronistic events by:

1. Meditating. We become aware that we are the observer of events as well as the initiator and experiencer. Sitting quietly, we can observe the variety of thoughts running across the inner field of mind, the internal movie screen. (Note that any event can take place in our mind, while our body remains calm and still.)

2. Holding positive attitudes and thoughts. Like comes from like. Positive attitudes produce positive thoughts, and their offspring of positive results in action.

3. Maintaining bodily health through cleanliness and orderliness of body and surroundings, including clean diet. It is productive to include both a reflective and energetic physical activity, such as a combination of hatha yoga and brisk walking.

When we become master of our mind, and the body's subsequent actions, our mind spontaneously uses its inner resource of intuition, producing a series of synchronistic events for the highest good.

Intuition followed
Synchronizes life's events for the highest good
Promoting a joyful state of being
Opening the portal to ever-blissful soul awareness.



26. May Day Meditation and Prayer

One of my favorite days of the year is May Day - May first. As a child I liked to participate in a procession outdoors carrying a statue of the Blessed Mother Mary on a small platform covered with flowers. I think the weather cooperated most times, without rain, and with the warmth of the spring sun. May Day forever brings a smile to my face when looking back upon those childhood events. I find it a joyful holiday.

This May Day open your heart, make your walk through life a procession of love and grace upon all you see and meet, and feel the warmth generated in your body. Hold harmonious thoughts while loving and caring for others along the way.

May Day Meditation

Choose a quiet spot to sit - ideally a garden if weather permits. Fold your hands in your lap and close your eyes. Breathe in and out in a regular and even pattern, such as one count to inhale, and one count to exhale. At no time hold your breath. Continue this rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation.

Mentally say a prayer of invocation for peace today and forever on earth. The people of our planet need all the peaceful vibrations we can muster to create greater harmony on our planet. Peaceful vibrations nurture that state of being.

May Day Prayer

Thinking of May Day
Deep in my heart
Strengthens my love
Which I impart
To all I meet along the way -
May Day blessings every day.

Turn your thoughts to observing the flow of your breath - the gentle rhythmic in and out, like ocean waves rolling in and rolling out. Feel the peace roll in, and then roll out in thoughts of caring actions. Caring strengthens our spiritual life at the same time benefiting the world.

After a few minutes bring your attention back to the present and take a deep breath in and slowly release it. Open your eyes, stretch out and enjoy your May Day celebration.


27. Mother's Day Meditation

To all the mothers and mothering souls in the world we pay you homage. Without your love and nurturing we would never learn how to be kind and share with each other. May blessings pour upon you as we take time to recognize your selfless efforts and energy on our behalf.

Here is a meditation in honor of mothers -

Pick a quiet place to sit where you will not be disturbed. A garden spot would be ideal but indoors is fine, too. If sitting on a cushion on the floor bend your legs in and fold your hands in your lap or place them palms down or palms up on your thighs. Keep your back stretched straight but not uncomfortably so.

If sitting on a bench in the garden or a chair indoors plant the soles of your feet firmly on the ground or floor to maintain your balance. Hold your hands as just described.

Close your eyes. Take a deep cleansing inhalation and release it. Then begin regular even breathing, such as one count to inhale and one count to exhale. Keep up this rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation without actually saying the counts.

Begin paying attention to your regular breaths going in and out. Breath ties the mind, emotions and body together and harmonizes these aspects when used rhythmically. Even breathing can calm upset and restore feelings of comfort in your body. When you are feeling in harmony, turn your attention to Mother's Day.

What are you grateful for? How can you be more caring with others as a mother would? Take time to send loving thoughts to your mother, whether she is on this plane or gone beyond. Now, send blessings to all mothers in the world and universe. Enjoy the feeling of comfort in your body that comes from feeling caring and loving.

When you are ready, finish your meditation by inhaling deeply and letting your breath out. Return to your regular breathing and open your eyes. Stretch out and go on with your day, carrying along the peace, harmony and kindness you feel in your heart in remembrance of all dear mothers.


28. Father's Day Meditation and Prayer

Blessed be all fathers, they give so much of themselves for the benefit of their children and family. Fathers and mothers have the duty to lead the children as a strong unit into adulthood and pass along values from one generation to the next. Children need the strength and guidance of a father from the cradle on. We live in a world where it takes both sexes to create a human being - proof that even at the very earliest moments we need father and mother.

Meditation in honor of fathers

Begin by choosing a spot where you will have some privacy and not be disturbed. If the weather is warm enough, a bench in the garden is a good choice. Other places outdoors include the beach, the park, a meadow, the barn if on a farm. The sounds of animals in nature are okay for meditation, as they don't require you to talk back to them. If you do go away from home let someone know where you are going to be.

When you are ready to meditate sit up straight with your hands fold in your lap, or placed palms up or palms down on your thighs. Close your eyes and take a deep inhalation, then slowly exhale. Begin to breathe evenly at your regular pace, such as one count to inhale and one count to exhale. Continue this rhythmic pattern throughout your meditation. You needn't say the counts, just keep the rhythm going.

Take a minute to observe your breath going in and out. Notice that you are watching your breath, almost as if you are a bystander. The act of being the observer allows your body to harmonize its natural functions mentally, emotionally, physically. It puts you in a quiet state of mind.

In this calm state begin to reflect on fathers. First send loving thoughts to the man you look to as your father - it could be a grandfather, uncle, stepfather or friend. Say an appreciation for what they did to lead you to a productive adulthood. If times were rough at home or still are, send out soothing thoughts.

Finish your Father's Day meditation with a short prayer of blessing and thankfulness. Then inhale deeply, exhale, open your eyes, stretch out and go forward with your day in a kind and caring way.


Fathers everywhere be blessed
We know you give your very best.
Your children we will always be
And lead our own most faithfully.


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