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Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body, 2nd Edition


Susan Kramer

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Description: Our body becomes sacred when used for the highest purpose in thought, word and deed. This volume contains both technical and guided meditations, prayers, and inspirations to open your heart fully. Meditation leads us to the bright light within where our greatest love lies. Take the time to find this place for yourself; there is something for all ages.



Paperbacks are 2nd Edition; Ebooks are 1st edition.

Paperback: 35,000 words; 192 pages; 6x9 inch. ISBN: 9781716046957

PDF: 35,000 words; 125 pages printed on 8.5x11 inch.

EPUB: ISBN:9781794870222; 35,000 words; printed 88 pages on 8.5x11 inch.


Key words: spirituality, deep meditation, meditation instruction, Alice’s adventure down the rabbit hole, sacred, sacred body, meditation, meditation for teens, meditation for children, meditation for adults, experiencing spiritual dimensions, inspirations,


Publisher: Windward House


Table of Contents:

I. Meditations

1. Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body

2. Sliding Into a Deeper Meditation

3. Loss Is an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

4. Seeing More by Being Still in Meditation

5. Charity and Being Charitable Meditation

6. A Power Meditation

7. Increase Spiritual Awareness by Meditating

8. Meditate to Develop Compassion and Kindness

9. A Way to Finish Walking and Moving Meditations

10. An Attitude of Pleasure or Drudgery

11. Basic Walking Meditation

12. Unnoticeable Meditation for Teens

13. Building a Spiritual Canvas Includes Meditation

14. Thinking High Meditation

15. Attitude and Meditation Make a Difference

16. Preparations for Meditation

17. Making Time for Meditation

18. How to Overcome Obstacles in Meditation

19. Combine Virtue and Meditation to Fully Develop

20. Feeling Connected with Everyone

21. Meditation and the Family

22. Stretch Before Meditation

23. The Greater Light of Meditation

24. Meditation and Verse on Family and Friendship

25. Turning Meditation Inside Out

26. Meditation and Our Multi-Dimensional World

27. The Big Three Wisdom, Purity, Meditation

28. Power of Prayer and Meditation

29. Om Meditation

30. Collective Morality and Meditation

31. Intuition Synchronicity Meditation

32. A Heavenly Garden in Meditation

33. Meditation on Virtues

34. Flowing on the River of Peace Meditation

35. Children Can Meditate

36. Interfaith Meditation Outline

37. Meditation on a Holy Life

38. Setting the Tone for Meditation

39. Kindness Is a Basis for Happiness

40. Our Pathway Includes Meditation

41. Friendship Is Our Soul in Action

42. Tune In to the Pervading Energy

43. Meditate to Find Why We Are Here

44. Peace Is First an Attitude

45. Repeating Until We Learn

46. Caring and Loving Express Our Divinity

47. One-Line Hints for Happiness

48. Practical Spirituality Is Pure Love

49. Meditation Fortifies Commitments

50. Meditation Develops Spirituality

51. Redirect Stressful Energy with Instant Meditation

52. Use Meditation to Heal Personal Relationships

53. Catching Moments for Reflection

54. Daily Living and Loving

55. Connecting Creator and Creation

56. Caring Lets Our Inner Glow Shine

57. Traditional Values Are Important

58. Talking With God

59. Meditation and Alice and the Rabbit Hole

60. Developing Easy Communication in Relationships

61. Gratefulness Is Joyful

62. Act Courageously

63. Thoughts Can Create a Physical Reaction

64. Relationships Develop Our Humanity

65. Creating from Clarity and Peace

66. Change and the Natural Universe

67. Issues with Contradiction

68. Living in Our Loving Nature

69. Closing in on the Reality of Healing

70. Maintaining Harmony and Reducing Stress

71. Cumulative Effects of Meditation

72. Consciousness and Meditation

73. Finding Contentment

74. Meditation Aligns Us with Harmonious Rhythms

75. The Way of Wayward Spirits

76. Honesty in Friendship

77. Every Meditation Is a New Beginning

78. Meditation Helps in Considering Marriage

79. Standing Back While Looking On

80. Love Is Our Natural Harmony

81. Can We Meditate For Just One Moment?

82. Unconditional Love in Friendship

83. We Are the Same While in Various Roles

84. Loyalty in Friendship

85. Meditation, Science, Spirituality

86. Compassion for Our Self and Others

87. Choosing Where to Sit in Meditation

88. Walking Meditation in Nature

89. Thoughts on Time

90. Positive Attitudes, Energetic Willpower

91. Chanting Meditation

92. Consciousness in Marriage

93. Meditation Prayer

94. Going Home to Our Source

II. Special Occasions

95. New Year Resolutions

96. Valentine’s Day Blessings

97. May Day Meditation and Prayer

98. Mother’s Day Meditation

99. Father’s Day Meditation

100. Thankfulness Prayer and Meditation

101. All Saints Day

102. Christmas Joy Meditation

103. Lift Me Up Christmas Prayer and Meditation


Paperbacks are 2nd Edition: Lulu | Barnes and Noble | |

Ebooks are 1st Edition: PDF | EPUB | NOOK | Apple | Kindle


Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body Collection copyright 2013-2021 Susan Kramer