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San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Susan Helene Kramer


San Diego Zoo Safari Park, sitting on 1,800 acres, is located near Escondido at 15500 San Pasqual Valley Road, and is the largest attraction in San Diego County. It is 32 miles from the San Diego Zoo and takes up to an hour to drive there from the Safari Park - depending on road conditions.



The park first opened in 1972 under the name San Diego Wild Animal Park - the current name went into effect in 2010. About two million visitors enjoy the park each year. I have visited twice - there is much to see and absorb, really too much for one day.


In the photo I snapped youíll see a giraffe where many of the herbivores roam freely in the 300 acre enclosure.

For a smaller day trip I recommend going to the San Diego Zoo, though if you have the time, the Safari Park is worth the visit.

There is a tram to get around to some of the exhibits, but do wear your walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, broad-brimmed hat and carry a water bottle. I learned this from experience.


In addition to the animals, you may enjoy the botanical garden, as I did. My favorite exhibits include the aviary next to the park entrance, and the Africa tram ride. Someday I visualize going on a photo safari in Africa, but in the meantime Iím glad we have the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for a close up experience of being with the animals.


To drive from San Diego, take RT. 15 N, and turn east on San Pasqual Valley Road to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


Parking is ten dollars per vehicle. There is an additional charge for the Africa tram tour, and the balloon ride over the open range exhibits. Entrance ticket packages vary for adults and kids, and from one day to a year, from a low of $44 for an adult over age 12 for one day, to a multiuse ticket in San Diego County covering many attractions for $199 a year per person.

There is a web site to choose and buy the ticket of your choice listed just below. Alternately you can wait in line at the entrance kiosk at the park after you have paid your $10 daily parking fee. Sit down style and fast-food concessions are available so you wonít go hungry.




San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets


For driving directions all over North America - Rand McNally Road Atlas


Article and photograph by Susan Helene Kramer


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