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Visiting Santa Cruz Island by Ferry from Ventura

Susan Helene Kramer


A most convenient way to reach Santa Cruz Island - the largest Channel Island off the coast of southern California - is by ferry from Ventura Harbor.


Navigating across the Santa Barbara Channel can be a wild experience with winds whipping in around the Channel Islands from the open Pacific to the west.


Santa Cruz Island is nineteen miles from Ventura and takes about an hour on the ferry. My daughter and son-in-law camped on the island and were satisfied with the convenience of using the ferry.

Nature lovers will be glad they made the effort as much of the flora and fauna are unique. Perhaps youíll see a Santa Cruz Island Fox or a bald eagle soaring overhead. And, you feel like youíre away on an adventure but really only an hourís boat ride from the mainland.


Be sure to make your camping and boat reservations up to three months ahead of time.

You are personally packing in all your food, water and supplies if you are camping. Dress warmly, in layers, even in summer in case of a drop in temperature. Include a hooded windbreaker, sunscreen, sunglasses, sturdy hiking shoes and extra socks.


Because of climbing up steep inclines while carrying your possessions, I recommend you either train for the trip or be in shape for this rugged adventure.

There is a charge for the ferry and camping.


Boat transportation from Ventura to Santa Cruz Island -


Camping information, reservations, references for this article -


Article by Susan Helene Kramer; photo of camping sign on Santa Cruz Island by Polly Rice Sumner


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