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Santa Cruz Island by Sailboat

Susan Helene Kramer


Santa Cruz Island is twenty four miles long and is the largest of the Channel Islands located off the south-western coast of California, part of Santa Barbara County.


You can't miss seeing the island from the south coast mainland as its highest mountain is 2,470 feet elevation.


On a clear day the geographical features of the island are crisply visible.

With a group of five, I sailed to the island on a Catalina 30 from Santa Barbara harbor.


Getting there was smooth with a gentle breeze above deck.


Arriving on the long northern side of Santa Cruz Island, facing the California coast, we tied up the boat in an inlet and camped on board.


From the boat we scrambled onto boulders at the shore. Then we climbed up the side of the craggy island with low vegetation growing in the spaces between the rocks. At our location there were no trees in sight and it was windy.


I suggest wearing several layers of clothing on the boat trip and during your stay on the boat next to the island.


For example, take 2 pairs of rugged pants, tee shirt, long sleeve cotton shirt, heavy ribbed wool sweater, windbreaker with hood even in the summer.


Wear sturdy closed-toe shoes with rubber grip soles - both for the boat and climbing on the island, with 2 pairs of socks such as cotton next to your skin and wool over.


You need to bring all your drinking water and food, and then pack all refuse out - required of all visitors and campers.


Sailing home was more of an adventure - the wind picked up to gale-force in the middle of the channel, and I was seasick below deck for a couple of hours, so very glad to step on land in the Santa Barbara harbor once again.


Article and Photo by Susan Helene Kramer; sailing to Santa Cruz Island from the Santa Barbara Harbor


Copyright 2012-2013 Susan Helene Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published by Creations in Consciousness
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