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Seasons Change

What Is Unchanging?

Susan Kramer

Seasons come and go; each with their special flavors, qualities, and attributes: Spring a new beginning growing into summer and the fruitfulness of fall before the dormancy of winter. And then spring once again.

The seasonal shifts are but an outward example of the changes we live with each day; day to day, year to year.

Change is a quality of the natural universe. But what supports all that changes is the unchanging quality of harmony; unconditional love.

Love supports and uplifts
remains constant in outer change
Love as harmony
allows all life to blend
into unity serving the higher good

Love energizes
providing incentive
to do what is best
for those we care about
Growing into concern, action
for the good of all and our planet

Love is food that nurtures
and we are its blossoms
Beautifully shining forth
with love in the world
when nourished well
from the well-spring of our eternal fount
of natural, giving, outpouring love

From the inner of our being
love comes forth
Forming the ever-changing outer show
Love; the constant amidst change

copyright 2001-2011 Susan Kramer