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Sequoia National Forest - Eastern Entrance

Susan Helene Kramer


You have your choice of driving up into the Sequoias from the eastern or western sides, but there is not a road that crosses the east and west slopes. On this day trip I drove along the eastern slope after spending time at Lake Isabella in the morning. In the photo Iím sitting on a fallen tree on a ridge. There are more varieties of trees than sequoias as you can see behind me. Though traveling in September the day was very hot.


To travel my route, drive north along the west side Lake Isabella on Rt. 155 through Wofford Heights. Then follow Burlando Road to Kernville, and turn left, northward onto Sierra Highway.


Enjoy your views as you travel along the path of the Kern River. To your left, the west, the elevation climbs. You are actually in the Sequoia National Forest now.


For a day trip you need to turn around at some point and return to civilization through Lake Isabella before the sun sets to be safe on mountain or remote roads. Alternately, you can reserve a campsite through the web site at the foot of this article.


Before you set out north from the lake be sure to top off your car fuel tank and carry extra water in case the car overheats. For yourself and passengers stop at one of the markets in Wofford Heights and stock an ice chest with real food to keep you going for a day. Juices and juicy fruit are good to include. I recommend keeping a bag of nuts, trail mix or crackers handy to snack on while driving.


And probably most importantly carry enough water bottles for drinking for a day. Slip on your sunglasses before getting behind the wheel because of the glare in the California sun.


You need to carry a light jacket or sweaters to layer if the weather cools down or as the sun sets. I think youíll enjoy this trip in south California, with seemingly new sights every time you go. Check out the web site below if you plan to camp.


Driving and Elevation Map:


Southern and Central California Atlas and Gazetteer: Detailed Topographic Maps by DeLorme


Campsite Reservations:


Article and photo credit Susan Helene Kramer; sitting at summit

Copyright 2012-2013 Susan Helene Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published by Creations in Consciousness
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page created May 4, 2013