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How to Sew Cloth Dolls and Costumes 

by Susan Kramer

Description: Description: Description: How to Sew Cloth Dolls and Costumes by Susan KramerLinks to buy:

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More than 20 cloth doll and costume sewing tutorials, including embroidering facial features on cloth dolls and knotting on yarn wigs. The 2nd part of the book includes traceable patterns for the 12 inch Anneke fabric doll, and choice of 4 views of dresses, a pantaloons pattern and apron instructions. For beginning to advanced sewers. Email included for sewing questions. Fully illustrated in 80 pages.


80 pages; perfect bound; 8.5 by 11 inch paperback or PDF ebook Publishing



Part I - How to Sew Cloth Doll Bodies
1. Embroidering Facial Features
2. Knotting on Yarn Wigs
3. Hand Sewing Doll Bodies
4. How to Soft Sculpture Cloth or Fabric Dolls
5. How to Sew on Feet
Part II - How to Sew Doll Costumes
1. Attach Lace to Underside of Skirt Hems
2. Attach Lace and Ribbon on Neck and Sleeve Edges
3. Attach Lace to Finished Side of Skirt Hems
4. Contrasting Topstitching
5. Decorative Edge Stitching
6. Designing and Creating Patterns for Costumes
7. How to Gather a Skirt Seam
8. Horizontal Trims
9. How to Hand Sew Doll Clothes
10. How to Make a Ribbon Waistband
11. How to Make Contrasting Panels on Doll Skirts
12. How to Sew Skirt to Bodice on Doll Dresses
13. How to Sew on Strong Sticky Tape Closures
14. How to Make a Lined Bodice for Sleeveless Dresses
15. Making Rolled Hems
16. Press - Iron Pieces of Costumes Before Sewing Together
17. Stand Up Collars
18. Vertical Trims
Part III - Sew the 12 Inch Cloth Anneke Doll Body
Anneke Doll Body Traceable Pattern Pieces
Construction Hints
How to Sew Doll Body, Embroider Face, Knot Wig
Part IV - Sew the 12 Inch Anneke Doll Costumes
Introduction and History of Anneke Dutch Dresses
Four Dress Views to Sew
Costuming Construction Hints
Dress Traceable Pattern Pieces
Dress Sewing Instructions
Apron Over Doll Dresses
Pantaloons Traceable Pattern
Pantaloons Sewing Instructions


About the author - Susan Kramer has been teaching meditation, yoga, dance and academics kinesthetically as a dance specialist since 1965 and maintains a large educational web site at Sewing, quilting and doll making have been long-time hobbies.

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How to Sew Cloth Dolls and Costumes
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paperback or PDF ebook


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